5 Best Bladeless Dyson Fans 2021 (Air Purifiers + Heaters)

Best Dyson Bladeless Fans 2021 – Air Purifiers/Heaters

It’s a hot or cold day and you just cannot stop sneezing.

You’ve tried literally everything and the allergies are still getting to you.

Isn’t that miserable? There’s a way to eliminate that frustrating cycle.

These top 10 best bladeless Dyson fans in 2021 will help you during the harsh summer weather and the heaters will help you get thru those winter evenings.

The air purifiers or air filters will help filter out the allergens making your room purer and a lot more refreshing.

They don’t have blades because they use a different type of technology that is a lot more effective and cooler. It makes the fans look more futuristic and it makes them a lot safer.

Check them out below and don’t forget to check the price!

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Bladeless Fan Name Fan (Air Multiplier)Air Purifier (HEPA Filter)Heater and CoolerCheck Amazon Price
1. Dyson AM07YesNoNo Price
2. Dyson AM06YesNoNo Price
3. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool LinkNoYesYes Price
4. Dyson Pure Cool LinkNoYesNo Price
5. Dyson AM09NoNoYes Price

Best Dyson Bladeless Fans 2021 (Air Purifiers and Heaters Are Next)

1. Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan (Fan) – The Best Fan To Have In 2021

best bladeless Dyson fan 2019 Air Multiplier AM07 Tower review
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Air multiplier is another term for a fan. It’s the same thing with just a different name. It is shaped like an extended circle. Which allows for a different type of fanning.

It was designed to not be as loud as all the other fans so it’s quieter. It’s completely bladeless which not only makes it look cool for visitors but it makes it safe for kids that may be curious to touch it.

It constantly lets out the air so you don’t have to worry about interrupted air flowing. Which is very annoying on a hot summer day.

Like to have the fan on while you sleep? You can have it turn off when you’d like it to. Whether it’s getting a more cool night’s sleep or for cooling the house during the day when you’re away at work.

One of the best features is that it’s able to be controlled remotely from the remote control. Almost making it not only a bladeless fan but a touchless fan. Of course, you’ll probably have to get up to have it do certain features, but the remote control comes in handy.

It can be useful for when you just don’t want to get out of bed or for when you’re really getting into your video games and you don’t want to risk dying. It’s useful for most situations.

Plus the remote is magnetic. Allowing it to be placed on the fan or on your wall. Maybe put it on your desk just in case you need it.

All of the fans I’ve listed out here are easy to clean. No more having to worry about cleaning the blades and taking the whole machine apart. Just get some towels and freely clean within the fan. No hard work required.

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Special Features

  • No uninterrupted airflow
  • Scheduled night time mode
  • Magnetic remote control
  • Bladeless and safe
  • Like a tower fan

2. Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 (Fan) 

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Fan review
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This one is a little different than the one before. It is a different shape than the previous one for a reason.

This bladeless fan is better for concentrated air flow. The circle that emits the air is not as long as the other one which makes it focus the air in one circular spot.

If you want a fan that doesn’t let the air spread out everywhere, this is the fan for you. It will blast the air towards you.

You can also tilt it to the side so that it hits some other place you want it to. It also has similar features to the previous one.

It has a remote control as well. Allowing you to control the fan from the comfort of your bed. Or for when you need to take care of your child and you don’t have time to get up and turn on the fan.

This one is a lot easier to clean if you need to. It is shaped in a circle and there’s enough room for you to clean without having to struggle.

As with the other one, this version is also quiet. You won’t have to worry about a loud fan blowing all day or night long.

Lastly, it is safe. You don’t have to worry about your pet putting their paw on the blades because there are none! Not only does the fan look cool it is cool. The bladeless feature will leave people wondering what is happening.

Those are the best bladeless Dyson fans of 2021. The next one is about air purifiers. They also don’t have blades. The difference between them and the ones above is that they can purifier the air from unwanted particles.

So go ahead and check them out if you’re interested. Be sure to check it out for the money information.

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Special Features

  • Concentrated airflow
  • Remote control for controlling the fan
  • Circle shaped fan
  • Good for night time

Best Dyson Bladeless Air Purifier 2021 

3. Dyson Pure Air Purifier (Hot + Cold) – HEPA filter/Alexa compatibility 

best Dyson bladeless air purifier 2019 Pure Air Purifier Hot Cold review
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Air purifiers are great but they’re even better when it’s in a form of a fan. It could be used to cleanse the air and cool you down at the same time. In this case, the fan could emit hot or cold air. Depending on what you want.

It is the Amazon Echo compatible. Control it with your voice.

The Amazon Alexa (or Echo) is a device owned by Amazon that is able to control some smart home devices. Using this you could control the fan using your voice.

You don’t have to press any buttons, all you have to do is say a command and it will get right to it. You could be laying down or busy working in the house and use the fan hands-free.

There’s also an app that the owner offers. There are a couple of cool things the app has but there is one main one. You could see the air quality of your house or the general area. This is useful if you don’t yet know if you need to clean your house from unwanted particles.

It is able to remove the allergens, odors, and pollutants for you.

Allergens are the particles in the air that affect people with allergies. The HEPA filtration won’t remove all the particles, but it will remove almost all of them.

It removes odors which is a nice perk. It can also remove pollutants. This would be great for someone that lives in a city where there’s a lot of carbon dioxide emissions or any other harmful particles.

Lastly, but definitely not least you could control what type of air you want it to emit. It can blow out hot or cold air. Which means that this device has got you  covered all season round!

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Special Features

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa (Echo)
  • Control it with your voice using Alexa
  • Removes odors, allergens, and pollutants
  • App shows air quality for you to see if it’s dirty
  • Blows hot or cold air

4. Dyson Pure Cool Link (Air Purifier) 

Dyson Pure Cool Link review
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Little different in size compared to the last one. It’s more extended lengthwise. It also removes the allergens and pollutants from within the house.

It removes the allergens, pollutants, and even odors. No more having to worry about your pet’s odors!

The stand out feature of this one is that it monitors the air quality and reacts to it. So for example, if the air is really dirty it will work harder and probably louder to purify the air.

You can see how your house is doing air quality wise using the app they provide. With it, you could see the live air quality as the machine cleanses it. It could be scary to see how the air around you is at first but don’t worry the Dyson purifier has got your back.

Need to get some sleep? Relax there’s a night time mode. It won’t disrupt your sleep because it will stay extra quiet. It will also dim the LED display lights on it. Allowing you to sleep in a darker environment.

Unlike the previous one, it can only emit regular air. You can’t set it to emit cold air or hot air. It just emits room temperature air.

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Special Features

  • Removes allergens, odors, and pollutants
  • Monitors air quality and it adjusts to it
  • App reveals air quality
  • Sleep mode-low LED display and more quiet

Best Dyson Bladeless Heater 2021

5. Dyson AM09 Fan (Heater + Cooler) – The Best Bladeless Heater in 2021

best Dyson bladeless heater cooler 2019 AM09 Fan review
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This is the last bladeless fan, this time it’s a heater. They’re really helpful in the winter as you may already know.

They’re especially helpful when they could be easily moved from room to room. Keeping you warm wherever you go. It could also be used as a cooler to cool you down.

It comes with 2 different types of modes. One is where the air is blown everywhere and not at a certain point.

This is useful if you have a room that you need to heat up or cool down because it will emit the air everywhere.

There’s another mode that concentrates the air to a certain area. This is helpful if you want the air to hit you only or for the air to only be blown at an object or condensed area.

The air has a long reach distance so you could feel the hot or cold air being blown at you from a distance. Unless you have it to where the air is distributed all around the room and not at a certain point.

A cool feature is that it has a built-in thermostat. This is used to get to or maintain the temperature of the room you want there to be.

This way the Dyson bladeless heater knows how to reach the temperature or how to just maintain it at the temperature. It provides a more energy efficient tactic.

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Special Features

  • Heater + cooler
  • Portable, you could move it from room to room
  • Focused air mode
  • Distributed air mode to blow air more wide
  • Long distance air reach
  • Built in thermostat monitors temperature
  • Good for the winter or summer

Those were the top 5 best Dyson bladeless fans, air purifiers, and heaters in 2021. Some of them are effective all year round while others are meant for a certain time period.

If you’re trying to improve your workspace with the fans, check out the best standing desks in 2021. They will help you with you’re work and you don’t have to worry too much about the size because they’re adjustable. Since you’re not going to be sitting while using them they’re also ergonomic.

Bladeless Fans Information

What makes bladeless fans different from other regular fans with blades?

The first reason is that they are a lot safer. If you have a child or a pet they could potentially get hurt by the blades of a regular household fan. These fans are a lot safer for them because they don’t use blades.

The way these fans work is fairly complex. They are still far better than the regular ones. Not only do they look cool with that futuristic style, but they are also better at doing their job.

There are different versions of them. Some are made into a circle while others look like a long extended circle. Both of which have their benefits and downsides.

The fans are also easy to clean if you need to. They don’t have any blades so you don’t have to worry about opening the machine and cleaning them up. Just get a wipe and clean the inside of it with ease.

The fans also come in different colors. Some of the colors are black and blue combined and white and silver. This lets you pick the perfect colored fan for your house.

What’s an air multiplier? If you’ve ever seen this term used you have probably wondered what it is. This is another term for a fan. Yup, they make it sound cool because why not?

By the way, some of them may also be good for people with allergies or asthma because of how they come with a built-in HEPA filter.

Bladeless fans grew in popularity in 2021 and so did Dyson fans. Today Dyson fans are the most common bladeless fan found in stores like Walmart.

Be sure to check out the exact product information on the seller’s page because I could have miss stated something.

In summary, bladeless fans are not only cool looking but they’re also a lot safer than traditional fans.

Be sure to also check out another one of my recent articles about the best flashlights.

For more information about how bladeless fans work without blades, here’s an article explaining how they work on howstuffworks.com. In that article, howstuffworks talks about how there are several scientific principles at play. 

They talk about how the fan generates the air. Which is a mystery for some people since the fan itself has no blades. It says that there are some scientific properties involved to help the fan blow air. It uses an electric motor too and takes the air and puts it through a tube. That’s basically how they work.

Be sure to go to the actual source since I probably didn’t read it right. It has other information as well.

Cons of Owning a Bladeless Fan

I can’t really think of any cons to owning a bladeless fan other than the fact that the price tag can be very big. There are a lot more benefits of having one of these types of fans around the house than there are negatives.

I guess a con can be that if the fan for whatever reason breaks than there goes your money? However, that goes with everything else and not just Dyson bladeless fans.

Maybe another one could be that with the air purifier it can be a hassle to buy or clean the filter. It doesn’t take any more than 10 minutes to clean a filter though.

You can think of some cons but I can’t think of any right now.

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