3 Best Dyson Canister Vacuums 2021 (For Hardwood Floors + Carpet)

Best Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaners 2021 For Carpet/Hardwood Floors 

Ever tried to use an upright vacuum cleaner and it has terrible mobility?

Those types of vacuums are usually harder to not only use but they are so big that they’re hard to move.

The wheels make it to where you have to make awkward moves.

Dyson canister vacuum cleaners make it easy to clean those hard to reach places. They’re easy to move too. They’re the best in 2021, hence the title.

You could use them for hardwood floors or carpet. They’re easy to manage on almost any surface.

Sometimes canister vacuums can tilt over and fall. Which is annoying because that can make you stop cleaning to put it back in place.

Do you have allergies? Some of them come with a built-in HEPA filter. The filter is the same type of filter air purifiers use. They trap allergens, dust, and other bad particles.

Of course, it won’t purify your whole house but it will clean the air it releases. That way the dust is trapped in the machine so it won’t be blown at you.

The vacuums are easy to use and the suction tool is thin and easy to handle. They could be used to clean floors, carpets, couches, or furniture.

They’re also great for removing pet hair that your cat or dog leaves behind. It comes with a tool that doesn’t let the hair get all tangled up.

Which saves you the stress of having to remove the hair from the tool. It cleans human hair too but usually, people want a vacuum to clean pet hair.

All of them come with a see-thru plastic container where all the debris and garbage is stored.

There’s a button that could be used to release the container. After it’s released, hover it over a trash can and click the button to release the garbage.

Now that you know what they are capable of doing, here are the best Dyson vacuum cleaners in  2021.

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Vacuum Name
HEPA FilterCheck Amazon Price
1. Dyson Big Ball Multifloor
(Premium Version)
No Price
2. Dyson Big Ball Multifloor
(Standard Version)
Yes Price
3. Dyson Ball MultifloorNo Price

Best Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaners 2021

1. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal – Most Powerful Canister Vacuum In 2021 

best Dyson canister vacuum cleaner 2019 Cinetic Big Ball Animal review
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Nice design and easy to use.

If the canister falls down while you are using it, it will balance right up. This is a problem around canister vacuum cleaners because they typically fall over and you have to manually pick it up.

Saving you time and allowing you to keep cleaning instead of getting the canister to stand up every couple minutes.

It doesn’t use bags like the older vacuums. So you don’t have to keep replacing bags when it rips up. The Dyson model is too advanced for that. The Spruce explains the difference between bagless and bagged vacuum cleaners.

It stores all of the garbage in a clear plastic bin that allows you to see when you need to stop and empty it out. You don’t even have to touch the garbage in order to clean it to.

Simply take the container out of the canister, place it over a garbage can, and click the quick release button. It will release all the debris for you.

It also won’t lose its suction power. The older canister vacuums typically lose suction power due to very small dust clogging up. Making the vacuum weaker each time.

These Dyson’s don’t do that, their suction power remains strong. It makes the small dust not clog up so you could always enjoy maximum power.

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Special Features

  • Fixes itself when it falls
  • Bagless
  • One Click release the garbage into a trash can
  • Clear see through plastic trash container
  • Won’t lose suction power over time

2. Dyson Big Ball Multifloor – Best Canister Vacuum With Built In HEPA filter in 2021 

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor Best HEPA Canister Vacuum 2019                                                                                View on Amazon

This one comes with a built-in HEPA filter. Allowing you to vacuum without having to worry about allergens shooting right out of it.

Unlike many other canister vacuum cleaners, this one won’t blow allergens right at your face. The debris it picks up goes through a filter.

The allergies causing particles (allergens) are filtered out and clean air is released instead of contaminated air.

It won’t act like a household air purifier and clean the air of your whole house. However the air filter to useful for people that are vacuuming places where there’s a lot of potential allergens.

As I said before, they all come with a quick release feature that allows you to quickly empty all the stuff you’ve picked up into a trash can.

It’s also able to stand back up when it falls or is knocked over. The canister is like a big ball so it is easy to manage and control.

The ball allows you to turn it without having to do any awkward moves with it. Or having to pick it up and put it in place.

The vacuuming tool itself is good. It’s able to pick up debris from thick carpet, or fine dust from tile and hardwood floors.

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Special Features

  • HEPA filter to purify the air
  • Quick release button to release the trash
  • Stands back up when it falls
  • The ball allows for smooth turns
  • Tool can clean hardwood floors or thick carpet

3. Dyson Ball Multifloor 

least best dyson canister vacuum cleaner 2019 Ball Multifloor review 
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No bags required, it’s completely bagless. The trash gets placed into a clear plastic container. Which you could tell if it is full or not.

It also comes with the one click instant garbage release feature.

Making it to where you don’t even have to touch the dirt and dust that you vacuumed up.

This Dyson Canister vacuum cleaner isn’t as good as the other ones but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful.

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Special Features

  • Bagless
  • Click release the dirt and dust into a trash can
  • No need to touch the trash

Lazy? Busy? Yeah vacuuming can be boring or otherwise time consuming. That’s why I did an article about the best robot vacuum cleaners. 

They are Alexa compatible so you could control it with your voice if you have Alexa. It’s not required but it is recommended. Since the robot vacuums will be cleaning the house on their own, you don’t have to worry about touching them because they’re hands free the moment you tell them to clean.

Why a Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaner? 

They’re easy to use and control. That pretty much sums it up. Unlike upright vacuums, Dyson canister vacuum cleaners are not as tough to steer and move.

The canister is able to stand back up when it falls over and it is built with a ball like structure to allow smooth moves. The original vacuums make you pick it up or move it in an awkward way.

You are able to take the canister around your house and freely use the suction tool.

I also did an article about the best Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners. They’re worth the mention because of how you could use them any where in the house because of how portable they are.

Unlike the canister versions, the handheld ones are cordless so you won’t have to worry about the cords and cables getting in your way and making you frustrated.

Canister vacuums and upright ones have their differences. Check out the best Dyson vacuum cleaners. Not only are they very powerful but some of them are upright while the others are cordless.

For more information, consumerreports.org has a vacuum cleaner article that briefly talks about canister vacuums. They also talk about the upright and stick vacuums. Which I have several articles on. 

It was hard to find an article that has information on these types of vacuums since they are not commonly searched for or used. They are good for cleaning hardwood floors and carpet. Most people prefer the upright and cordless vacuums though.

Make sure to check the actual stats on the seller’s page in case I missed anything.

Cons of Dyson Canister Vacuums in 2021

One of the cons of using a Dyson canister vacuum cleaner is that it may be more portable than upright vacuums but it’s definitely isn’t as good as a handheld or cordless vacuum cleaners. You should weigh this in before making your final decision.

Another con can be that canister vacuums don’t have as big of a vacuuming range compared to other types of vacuums. This isn’t a problem if you’re not looking for range and are only looking for mobility.

I just have to mention this pro real quick. Canister vacuums are a lot more effective at cleaning in between corners or underneath stuff than any type of vacuum due to the number of tools they come with.

Those are all of the cons that there seems to be. You might be able to find more but I think those are the main ones.

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