5 Best Dyson Handheld Vacuums 2021 (Cordless + Portable)

Best Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaners 2021 Cordless/Portable

Why are vacuum cleaners so heavy? Don’t you wish there could be a handheld vacuum cleaner for minor tasks?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here I have listed out the top 5 best Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners that are cordless and portable in 2021.

They are easy to hold with your hand because they provide a nice grip. They’re also not that heavy so it should be easy to hold.

It’s portable to because they’re small, powerful, and easy to grip. No need to worry about a big bulky vacuum cleaner for a minor job.

These are also rechargeable. You don’t have to worry about buying batteries over and over. The charge is held within the item and when the charge runs out you just simply recharge them.

The rechargeable batteries are needed for the vacuum to remain cordless. If the batteries were not rechargeable then a cable would most likely be required.

These are great for any minor task that a big ordinary vacuum is simply not needed for. Whether that’s cleaning the couches, the mats, or even your car!

The reason why I choose to list only Dyson products is that they’re some of the most powerful vacuum cleaners out there. From what I’ve seen, they’re powerful and highly rated.

The battery life is fairly good but you’re probably going to be using them for a small task so it doesn’t need to last long. They have a fair battery life for a reason because they have a very powerful suction.

Some of these have repeated features but each one usually has at least 1 different feature. I’ve listed them from the best handheld vacuum cleaner to the not as good ones.

There will be more information about them after the product listings so make sure to check out that as well.

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Vacuum Name
HEPA Filter Cordless + PortableCheck Amazon Price
1. Dyson V6 Trigger
(Standard Version)
NoYes Price
2. Dyson V6 Car + BoatNoYes Price
3. Dyson V6 Mattress
(Premium Version)
YesYes Price
4. Dyson V6 Top DogNoYes Price
5. Dyson V6 Baby + ChildNoYes Price

Best Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaners 2021 

1. Dyson V6 Trigger (No HEPA Filter) – The Most Powerful Dyson Handheld Vacuum In 2021 

best dyson handheld vacuum cleaner 2019 V6 Trigger review
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The V6 Trigger is a nice weight and designed well. It weighs a little less than 4 pounds which allows you to carry it wherever you go. The grip is good and the trigger is used to turn on the suction.

They don’t call it trigger for nothing. The trigger is actually used to turn on the vacuum. It almost is like a gun but it’s not. The trigger gives it that look and feel.

It’s also ergonomic because the weight is evenly distributed. Making it even more easy to carry. You won’t have to worry about all the weight being at the end of the handheld vacuum.

The garbage is stored in a clear plastic container that is attached to the vacuum. This makes it easy to see whether or not it’s full. Also, it’s easy to empty the trash.

One of the best features is that with just a simple button that is not close to the trigger, the trash can be emptied.

Just hover the vacuum over a trash can, press the button, and then the trash is gone. No need to touch any of the garbage. Just a simple one-click empty.

This vacuum is easy to use and optimized to be stress-free.

As with all the vacuums I’ve listed out, this one uses batteries that are rechargeable. This will save you the hassle of having to go to and back from the store for new batteries.

Just plug the rechargeable system in, insert the batteries, wait a while, and there you go.

The 2 tier system is optimized to pick up as much garbage as possible. While at the same time cleaning up all that fine dust that never seems to move.

For really intense jobs, there is a max power mode. It definitely doesn’t last as long as the regular mode but it comes in handy. Like for when you need to clean up a very big mess your pet or kid left behind.

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Special Features

  • Weight is distributed equally
  • Cordless and portable
  • Good grip with trigger activated vacuuming
  • Trash is stored in clear plastic container
  • One click release the garbage
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Max power mode

2. Dyson V6 (Car + Boat) (Extra Cleaning Supplies)

Dyson V6 Car Boat review
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Don’t let the name fool you. This one is different from the last one.

The stand out feature is the variety of tools it comes with. It comes with almost every vacuuming tool you could think of. Whether you need an extension or a wider suction area.

One tool it comes with is useful for sucking something up that is far out of reach. While another one is meant for cleaning in between tight spaces. Like in between or underneath furniture pieces.

One tool is meant for picking up pet hair or human hair. It is specifically designed for it.

It also comes with some brushes to help you complete the job. It comes with some meant for hard brushing. There’s also a brush for soft brushing. Like for cleaning a delicate piece of furniture.

It comes with some features that the previous one had as well. Like the one-click release garbage. Which is nice if you don’t want to touch the dirt and dust.

It also comes with its own max power mode. Meant for high power cleaning. Just make sure you use it wisely.

I’m going to take a guess for the reason the seller decided to use a car in their title. Probably because this handheld vacuum cleaner could be easily used to clean up cars.

It’s portable and convenient because there are no cables attached to it that get in your way.

It’s also lightweight. Unless you vacuum up a lot of debris. That could add some weight to it but then again you could just use the quick release to empty the garbage.

The suction power is also turned on when you click on the trigger like the last one. Making it nice and easy to clean. Similar to the last one, it’s easy to hold because of how they designed it.

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Special Features

  • Extra suction tools and brushes
  • Comes with a tool meant for sucking up hair
  • Quick release garbage
  • Max cleaning mode

The Best Dyson Handheld Vacuum With HEPA Filter 

3. Dyson V6 Mattress (HEPA Filter) – The Best Handheld Vacuum With a HEPA Filter in 2021 

Dyson V6 Mattress HEPA Filter review
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Lots of these have similar names but they’re all different. This one has a different type of color compared to the other ones on this list. It has a white and blue color which makes it different from the other ones.

Do you have allergies? Do you react to dust when it’s released from a vacuum?

If so, this Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner is the solution for you. It has a built-in HEPA filter. A HEPA filter helps to filter out unwanted particles like allergens.

The particles are not being released back into the air. They are kept in the filter so they won’t bother you anymore. Just make sure to clean the filter every once in a while.

This makes for better vacuuming experience for you and those around you. It prevents almost all of the bad particles from being released into the air.

The typical types of vacuums don’t have any air filter whatsoever. So if you have allergies, this handheld vacuum is the best one for you.

This one also comes with a maximum power mode for those not so easy tasks. Whether that’s cleaning extremely thick and long carpet or cleaning up a pile of crumbs or large debris.

The max power mode doesn’t last as long as the regular mode. This is because the power is maximized to vacuum all the tough surfaces.

The weight is equally distributed so you don’t have to worry about all the weight being on the front or back of it. Its grip is good and the trigger is used to power the suction whenever you want.

In all, this Dyson vacuum would be great for you if you have a problem with allergy-causing particles. The other ones I’ve listed out on this list don’t come with a built-in HEPA air filter.

It’s important to note that the filter will not act like an air purifier. It simply cleanses the air that is being sucked into the vacuum and releasing more fresh air.

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Special Features

  • HEPA filter for those allergic to dust and allergens
  • Maximum power mode
  • Weight is balanced equally

4. Dyson V6 Top Dog (Added Tools)

Dyson V6 Top Dog review
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They named it Top Dog for a reason. The Dyson vacuum is meant for pets. Sure a lot of the other vacuums I’ve listed out are also good for pets and hair but I’ll explain more about the reason why here.

It comes with several different types of tools that are all meant for different tasks. It comes with some brushes that could be used for cleaning hard surfaces and delicate pieces.

One of the vacuuming tools is a long extended tube. This could be used for cleaning in between objects. The other tool is used for cleaning pet hair specifically.

If you have a pet you probably know that their hair spreads everywhere. The hair spreads to your car, rooms, and almost to every possible place!

The tools it comes with could help with this. You can use it to clean your car or even your house. The pet hair will get sucked right up.

As with the other ones, it comes with a power-up like mode. This will allow you to vacuum up almost any debris but you have to do it quickly because it doesn’t last that long.

The more powerful mode you set it to, the shorter it will last. However, you’ll probably be able to clean up any big pile of crumbs using that mode.

It also has a quick release feature so you don’t have manually throw the dirt into a trash can. Just click the button and it’ll instantly release the garbage.

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Special Features

  • Suction tool for pet hair
  • Extended suction tool for tight spaces
  • Power up like mode
  • Quick release feature

5. Dyson V6 Baby + Child (Extra Tools)

least best dyson handheld vacuum cleaner 2019 V6 Baby Child review
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As with the last one, it comes with extra tools to help you clean. One of the tools it comes with is a wide suction tool.

This is useful to clean wide surfaces like a mattress or any long surface. It comes with some brushing tools and an extended tool for vacuuming.

Like the other ones, it has the max power mode and the instant garbage release feature.

It’s still good but not as good as the other ones in my opinion.

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Special Features

  • Extra tools for cleaning
  • Wide suction tool
  • Max power mode
  • Quick release button

If you want one of these for cleaning spaces that regular big and bulky vacuums can’t get into, I recommend checking out the best Dyson canister vacuums of 2021.

I originally wrote it for people with hardwood flooring or for people with thick carpet but it can be used to clean those hard to get into spaces. 

Why a Cordless and Portable Vacuum?

A cordless vacuum cleaner is one that doesn’t have any cords attached. It doesn’t require cables for its battery because it uses rechargeable batteries which are a lot more convenient. 

If you get one that comes with cords, it will get annoying really fast. They’ll get tangled up everywhere and if it gets unplugged you have to walk back and plug it back in.

A portable vacuum is much more preferred because you can take it almost anywhere. You could use it to clean your car because it’s small and not big and bulky like the upright ones.

Typically people use a handheld vacuum for cleaning their furniture. They prefer to use a smaller one because it’s a lot easier to handle and it is not as heavy.

All of the vacuums on this list are cordless and very portable. They usually weigh around 4 pounds depending on which one you get. The weight could go up based on what you’re vacuuming up.

Number 3 on this list even contains a HEPA filter. This is great for anyone that doesn’t do so well with dust and allergens being blown into the air. It won’t cleanse the whole house but it will clean the air that is being released.

I choose to only write about the Dyson ones because I’ve seen good ratings about them. It’s not hard to see why they are so popular too. They have a lot of extra features regular vacuums don’t have, they come with extra tools, and they are futuristic looking.

Most of these that I listed out will do fine with pet hair but some of them like the V6 Mattress will do better.

If you don’t want to do any of the hard cleaning work, these best robot vacuum cleaners can help with that.

Some are Alexa compatible so you don’t even have to get up to activate them which makes them almost completely hands-free.

If for some reason you prefer a more upright and cordless vacuum, check out the best Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Here’s an article by Consumer Search on how to choose this type of vacuum. There are many factors that come in to play when choosing the perfect vacuum cleaner.

Consumer Search talks about various ways you can choose the right type of vacuum for you. Some people might need one that’s cordless and portable just like these ones I’ve listed out above. Others may need one with a filter because of allergies or because there’s a lot of dust that they have to clean up.

There are many other factors that come into play, including how much garbage you need it to hold. You may want to consider a canister vacuum as well in case you need one that has a lot of tools to be used for reaching into tight spaces.

Make sure to check the exact stats on the seller’s page just in case I missed anything or said something that isn’t accurate or is completely not true.

The Cons of Handheld Vacuums (Dyson)

Now that we have all the positive things laid out about Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners, it’s time to go on to the cons of these types of vacuums.

The first one is probably one that many of you are already aware of. These types of vacuums will not be enough to clean your whole entire house. They will, however, vacuum up couches or furniture pieces that have dust on them.

They don’t last long since they are cordless because they are meant to be portable, the battery will only last around 45 minutes but this varies on which one you get. This can get frustrating if you’re used to a corded handheld vacuum that lasts forever.

Those are all the cons I can think of. Be sure to check them out and see if you like them. They have good reviews on Amazon the last time I checked them.

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