10 Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaners 2021 (Cordless + Upright)

Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaners 2021 – Cordless/Upright

Pet hair, crumbs, and dust everywhere. These vacuums will take care of it. 

You’re walking into the kitchen and you see that there are food crumbs everywhere. There are piles of cereal and chips.

Or maybe you see your pet walk happily by. Leaving behind tons of hair on your thick carpet.

No need to worry because these Dyson vacuum cleaners will take care of it. They’re the best because they’re cordless, upright, bagless, and very powerful.

These types of premium vacuums are becoming a lot more popular in 2021 because of their high quality and effectiveness.

The top of this list shows the best Dyson vacuum cleaners. They will take care of any dust, large debris, thick and tall carpet, and all the other stuff your vacuum has a hard time picking up.

We all have to vacuum our home, so why not do it with ease? No worrying about vacuuming the same area a second time or having to deal with cords everywhere.

If you have allergies, some of these vacuums were most likely specifically designed towards you. Some contain a HEPA filter that is able to filter out most of the dust, allergens, and pollen from the air that the vacuum is spitting out.

Dyson makes some of the best vacuum cleaners because they not only look futuristic in a way, they’re able to pick up almost all debris from the ground. Buying one of these will save you a lot of time because you won’t have to keep hovering over the same place over and over.

It’s able to vacuum almost any surface. Whether it’s a thick carpet that the original vacuums have a hard time vacuuming or if it’s a hard floor. They’re able to clean from almost any surface. These Dyson vacuum cleaners are built with the latest cleaning technology in 2021.

With a little overview of what they’re capable of, check out the list below of the best Dyson vacuum cleaners in 2021. For later use, here’s an article about how vacuum cleaners work at explainthatstuff.

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Dyson Vacuum Name Cordless UprightHEPA FilterCheck Amazon Price
1. Dyson V8 Absolute
(Premium Cordless Vacuum)
YesNoYes Price
2. Dyson DC65
(Premium Upright Vacuum)
NoYesNo Price
3. Dyson Ball Animal 2
(Standard Upright Vacuum)
NoYesYes Price
4. Dyson DC41 Animal CompleteNoYesYes Price
5. Dyson V6 Animal
(Standard Cordless Vacuum)
YesNoNo Price
6. Dyson Ball Multi Floor
NoYesYes Price
7. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus NoYesYes Price
8. Dyson V8 AnimalYesNoYes Price
9. Dyson DC40 OriginNoYesNo Price
10. Dyson DC59 Motorhead YesNoNo Price

Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaners 2021

1. Dyson V8 Absolute (Cordless) – The Best Cordless Vacuum in 2021

best dyson cordless vacuum cleaner 2019
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This is the most powerful one of the V series. Not only is the vacuum itself like a stick, but it’s also very powerful. This vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem to even have a body because of how small it is. However, that’s because it was designed like that.

It allows you to vacuum under your bed or furniture because of how long but not thick it is. The vacuum has a rolling head that is able to clean up large debris like cereal.

The reason why it’s cordless is because it’s fully chargeable. It has a holder that suspends it in the air by using a holder that gets mounted to a wall.

If you have allergies there’s no need to worry because it has a built-in HEPA filter that is able to capture allergens and instead release clean purified air.

It can also be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning your couches or tight spaces.

It can suck up dust from within your carpet and it picks up hair whether it’s your cat or dog’s, as it goes. It’s really helpful in the kitchen because the brushes on the vacuum allow for it to pick up large debris.

This cordless vacuum is easily the best one to buy in 2021.

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Special Features

  • Picks up animal hair
  • HEPA filter for those with allergies
  • Handheld mode
  • Rechargeable
  • Cordless
  • Easy to function

2. Dyson DC65 (Upright) – The Best Upright Vacuum in 2021

best Dyson upright vacuum cleaner 2019
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It looks like your typical vacuum. But it isn’t. It has a futuristic look to it like the all of them and it’s very powerful.

Its suction tool is designed to pick up hair and make sure it doesn’t get tangled in the vacuum. The brushes within the suction tool rotate differently than each other and pick up pet hair or anything that is on your carpet.

Unlike the original vacuums that only pick up whatever is in front of them, this one picks up anything that’s near the suction area. It does this because the suction is almost like 360 degrees and the brushes pick up anything around it.

You could also use it to vacuum up any dust that may be lying on top of furniture. There’s an extension that can suck up the dust and allergens without you being affected by them.

You could also use it to clean your blinds because the Dyson vacuum cleaner provides a special brush that is able to remove the dust and allergens from them without damaging them. No more having to deal with dusty blinds that make the dust fly everywhere when you open them!

It comes with many other brushes that are well designed for any removing dust situation.

Having a hard time vacuum out the dust, dirt, allergy-causing particles, or whatever else is lying under your bed? Well, that won’t be a problem if you have this vacuum. It offers a smaller sized vacuum-like tube that is able to vacuum under the bed. It can squeeze into tight spaces and you could use it to suck up all the dust from your high furniture.

There are more vacuum tip types that come with it including a different tip that is meant to make your carpets cleaner. Along with a wider one to clean your mattress from all that lint. And another suction tool that is meant to clean in narrow areas.

The Dyson DC65 is the best upright vacuum cleaner to have in 2021. It’s strong, powerful, and very effective.

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Special Features

  • Extra brushes for cleaning delicate surfaces
  • More suction tools for different vacuuming situations
  • Won’t tangle because it’s built with special brushes
  • Cleans everything around it
  • Long suction tool for removing debris under your bed

3. Dyson Ball Animal 2 (Upright)

Dyson Ball Animal 2 review
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It pretty obvious why they call this a ball vacuum. This upright vacuum cleaner is meant to clean animal hair. Hence the name of it. It’s able to clean up all debris left behind from your kids or pets. Whether it’s cereal that has been dropped on the floors or hair from your kid or pet, the Dyson vacuum can handle it.

The powerful suction can clean high thick carpet due to its suction power. It will clean floors and low carpet as well but it sometimes needs a challenge. Wood floors or any type of hard flooring is a breeze for it. If you have vinyl floors like most homeowners seem to have, this vacuum will pick up debris that are inches away from it.

Whether you’re vacuuming on soft or rough terrain, this vacuum will adjust to it. It physically adjusts to the height or roughness of the area you are vacuuming.

The best feature, in my opinion, is how you can release a part of the vacuum that can be used to vacuum areas that are hard for big bulky vacuums to reach. Whether you have to vacuum under your bed, furniture, or whatever, it can get the job done.

Another cool thing about this one is that you’re able to quickly release the garbage bag. This is very helpful because who really wants to take out all that dirt of the bag. Why not just put the container over a garbage can and quickly empty it out?

Do you have allergies? Maybe your asthma gets triggered when dust or lint is in the air? You don’t have to be concerned about allergens or dust with this vacuum. There is a built-in HEPA filter that filters out all those unwanted particles.

It has the filter so that when you are vacuuming the dust doesn’t fly back up to you. It keeps the allergens and dust trapped inside the filter. You’ll have to empty the filter every once in a while to make sure it’s at its top performance.

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Special Features

  • Cleans animal hair
  • Flat and hard surfaces are easy for it
  • Cleans thick carpet just as well
  • Miniature vacuum that can be used to clean narrow areas is included
  • Quick release the garbage into a trash can
  • HEPA filter so it only releases clean air

4. Dyson DC41 Animal Complete (Upright) 

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete review
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Do you have a long carpet? Short carpet? It’s probably very hard for your vacuum to clean if it’s thick. This vacuum is different from the rest because the base will lower allowing the bristles to dive deeper into the carpet.

It will be able to clean your carpet more efficiently. It’s able to remove the mud from deep within the carpet or dust that has been buried there for a long time.

When you’re cleaning a more flat surface like concrete floors in your garage the vacuuming base will lower and cover more of the ground to make sure no debris are left behind.

Whether you may be cleaning lint in your garage or maybe even cat litter that your cat left behind, this vacuum will do the job. Or maybe your dog spilled his food everywhere and you have to clean it up. It doesn’t just work in the garage though it’s also helpful in your living room or kitchen.

This vacuum is a lot more advanced in the way it stores all the dust and debris because it doesn’t use the old fashion bags that you have to empty out manually. It captures the debris and it makes them go into a plastic glass like container.

This allows for easy quick release removal of all the garbage into a garbage can. This way you don’t have to touch any of the garbage, just the quick release.

In case you are worried about the allergens being thrown and blown into the air, the Dyson vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter to take care of that. It won’t allow 99.99% of the allergy-causing particles to escape.

Beside all, it comes with more features that you could find out more about by visiting the seller’s page. It comes with extra brushes for cleaning furniture, your office desk, curtains, or anything!

There’s also a hose looking vacuum that allows you to keep the actual vacuum downstairs while using the extendable one to clean your stairs. Of course, though, it depends on how long and tall your stairs are.

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Special Features

  • Bristles or brushes clean the carpet thoroughly
  • Lowers on flat surfaces for maximum suction
  • Debris and dust stored in see thru container
  • Quick release the garbage into a trash can
  • HEPA filter for those with allergies
  • Extra brushes
  • Hose vacuum for tight spaces or for cleaning off ground things

5. Dyson V6 Animal (Cordless)

Dyson V6 Animal review
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Similar to number 1, this one is also thin and shaped like a tube. It’s an older version of the V8 absolute which is why it’s not in number 1.

It has a special brushing area that cycles around and around to make sure it cleans the carpet or floor to the maximum. It’s easy to manage because of how thin it is, which also makes it easy to reach under objects.

Another cool feature is the handheld mode. You could make it more portable by switching to this. Now you could take it all around your house without having to carry the entire vacuum.

The portable mode is small and is good for cleaning the lint off your bed or the fine dust and crumbs off your tables.

If you want to clean up the spider webs or dust on your sealing, you could use the full-length version of the vacuum cleaner to clean all that stuff up there. It only weighs about 5 pounds so it won’t be that hard to lift off the ground.

It also offers an extra add on that is a handle to mount the vacuum on a wall so you can have easy access to it whenever you need it.

The overall most unique feature of the vacuum is that it can clean from almost any surface. Whether you need your stairs, furniture, couch, or whatever, it can clean it. Not to mention that it is probably one of the most portable vacuum cleaners out there.

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Special Features

  • Portable/easy to carry
  • Able to vacuum the sealing from dirt or spider webs because it’s lightweight and long
  • Special brush allows for hair and thorough cleaning
  • Handheld mode for when you don’t want to carry the full vacuum
  • Thin like a tube

6. Dyson Ball Multi Floor (Upright)

Dyson Ball Multi Floor review
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Ever wonder why some upright Dyson vacuum cleaners contain a ball like shape on the bottom? This is used to help with managing and steering the vacuum.

It makes it easier to steer left or right. Most older vacuums have wheels to help you move it. However, with the ball steering technology, it’s a lot less straining to move it around tight corners or furniture.

The dirt and garbage that is picked up are stored in a plastic container within the vacuum itself. The best part about this is that it’s easy to tell when you need to empty it.

No more having to check whether or not it’s empty or not. Now you could just tell if it needs to be emptied by looking at it.

With the older versions, you would have to unzip the bag to see if it was full or not and the dust would come flying right to you.

Well with the Dyson vacuum it not only contains a HEPA filter to clean all the dust and allergy-causing particles, but the container that the garbage is stored in is also visible.

You don’t even have to reach in to take out all the debris. There’s a feature button that allows you to quickly empty all the garbage into a let’s say trash can.

The dust is less likely to fly to you with this feature because the actual container goes a foot or so into wherever you are emptying it into. This way the dust will stay in the trash can and take a while to fly back up to you.

Not only is the main Dyson vacuum included, but there’s also a special feature that is a hose looking vacuum that can extend to about 40 feet.

This is enough to have the main Dyson cleaner away from where you are cleaning. This is helpful in case you want to clean the stairs because you don’t have to carry the whole product.

In all this one is great for cleaning your home, rugs, tile, fine dust, or even a high pile of crumbs.

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Special Features

  • HEPA cleanser for cleansing the air
  • Ball for easy steering
  • See through garbage holder
  • Quickly empty the garbage with a button
  • Hose looking vacuum that extends about 40 feet

7. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy (Upright)

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy upright vacuum cleaner 2019
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What makes this one so different from all the rest? Although it’s not as powerful as the other series, it still has its benefits. One being is that it can adjust to any floor type you though at it.

Whether you need it for deep carpet cleaning or for regular home use, it will adjust to the circumstances. This self-adjusting vacuum will make sure you are getting the best cleaning power while not sacrificing top product quality.

The best part of it is that the filters don’t need to be replaced. Unlike almost every other filter which needs to be replaced every couple of months or even weeks, this one doesn’t.

Why would it contain a HEPA filter? The air purifier is built into the device so that when you are vacuuming, the majority of the air isn’t contaminated with damaging particles like allergens.

The purifier helps remove all those harmful particles so that the air you breathe when you’re vacuuming isn’t dirty. This is especially helpful for those with allergies who have wanted a vacuum cleaner that will help with the dust.

The filter technology is so good that you don’t have to replace it. Although, I do recommend cleaning it once in a while just to be on the safe side.

The package also comes with extra vacuum parts and brushes for when you can’t use the big one.

It comes with some extra vacuum attachments that can clean a couch from pet hair or a mattress with lots of leftover dirt.

There’s another attachment that can be used to clean through tight corners like in between 2 furniture pieces. Or in between 2 couch mattresses.

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Special Features

  • HEPA filter that doesn’t need to be replaced
  • Self-adjusts to the surface type
  • Extra brushes and vacuum parts
  • Some for cleaning mats, mattresses, and tight corners

8. Dyson V8 Animal (Cordless)

Dyson V8 Animal review
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While not as powerful as the Dyson V8 Absolute, it is just one level below it. The Absolute model is cord free and looks like a stick to but the Animal has some different characteristics to it.

One being is that it is able to go on max power for tough situations. Whether you need to clean piles and piles of chips or a lot of dirt. Now, of course, the max power mode doesn’t last long at all but that’s because it is using maximum suction power which uses more battery.

You could also potentially use it as a car vacuum. This is because it can be shrunken down into a handheld device that can fit into your car. It will then be able to clean seats or the flooring of the car.

It has many of the same features that the Absolute has so you could find out more on the seller’s page. The Animal also contains the instant release feature with the see through plastic garbage container, HEPA filter, and handheld mode.

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Special Features

  • Max power mode
  • HEPA filter
  • Handheld for car cleaning
  • Instant release garbage mechanism
  • See through garbage container
  • Cord free

9. Dyson DC40 Origin (Upright)

least best Dyson upright vacuum cleaner DC40 Origin review 2019
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Nice and convenient. The Origin has a handle for easy carrying. Whether you have to carry it upstairs, downstairs, or around your house in general. It’s not small but you could probably carry it since it’s around 14 pounds.

It’s not made of cheap materials too. It contains materials that are more than likely very expensive for everyday people to get their hands on. In short, it’s very durable and tough.

It’s good for home use or even for apartment use. As far for the money or for your buck goes, the prices usually change so you’ll have to check them out yourself. The reviews and prices also change frequently.

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Special Features

  • Handle for carrying it
  • Made of durable materials

10. Dyson DC59 Motorhead (Cordless)

Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless vacuum in 2019
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I was curious to see if there was any difference between this one and the other ones so I quickly reviewed the page and found out that there really isn’t that big of a difference.

It isn’t hard to steer this vacuum cleaner because of the way it’s designed. It’s not that big or bulky so it is easier to manage than most. Just don’t let your kid handle it because that never ends well.

The technology it is designed with allows for maximum suction power on all surfaces.

You could review it further if you’d like but in my opinion the other versions of this stick like looking vacuum are a lot better.

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Special Features

  • Easy to manage
  • Great suction power

By the way, if you’re interesting in the best robot vacuum cleaners check it out. Some of them are Alexa compatible and they are completely hands free so you could relax while it works for you.

Cordless Vacuums vs Upright Vacuums (2021 Editions)

It’s very obvious what a cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner is but what are the benefits? Well the main reason is that you don’t have to deal with the annoying cords that always get tangled up into knots that seem physically impossible.

The other is that it looks a lot cleaner for visitors because the cords aren’t everywhere. This allows the person to better move around with the cordless vacuum.

The alternative to corded vacuums are battery powered ones. No not the batteries that need to be replaced every time you use them, the ones that are rechargeable.

These rechargeable batteries are more convenient because you don’t have to keep replacing them and there’s no cords involved! Typically the batteries will last a while before you have to recharge them.

They are beneficial to vacuum cleaners because you can just pop in the battery and get right to work. You are not limited to how far you could go throughout your house because of your cables.

The batteries are usually easy to attach onto the vacuum and easy to take out.

There were mainly 2 types of vacuum cleaners I talked about. One was the typical upright one that looks similar to the older ones but it’s not the technology is far more advanced in this one.

The other type of vacuum I talked about was the one that looked like a tube or a stick. It was thin and you could easily reach under furniture with it depending on how low the furniture is.

There are benefits to both of them. The upright one is a lot more powerful. It is equipped with more powerful suction technology.

While the other version is still very powerful but not as strong as the upright one. It was more built for being able to clean under beds or objects because of how thin it is. It’s also able to suck up the dirt and spider webs that are on the sealing because of its lightweight.

In my opinion, these types of cordless vacuums are only going to increase in popularity in 2021 and beyond.

Interested in canister vacuums? Check out the best Dyson canister vacuums in 2021. They’re also powerful and will clean up any type of floor types like hardwood or carpet.

Why a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner? 

Well, the reason why you want a Dyson vacuum cleaner specifically is one because they’re more trusted and popular than the other brands especially in the year 2021. There is a good reason why they are trusted.

Probably number 1 is because they are more durable and heavy duty than the other leading brands. They definitely are not made of cheap materials.

Another reason why is because they are so powerful. They can easily be confronted with thick carpet and clean it right up. Some of them also have a built-in HEPA filter for those with allergies or that react badly to dust in the air.

Most of their products are futuristic looking which is typically much more preferred than the old fashion looking vacuum. Some of them have that color and shape that makes it look cool.

Some of them are also easy to carry because they contain a handle to carry it around the house. The other versions allow you to transform it into a handheld version.

This is a cool feature because you’re able to clean your house more easily without having the carry around the whole bulky product. So it makes it nice and easy to go up and down the stairs and clean your couches or furniture.

You could even use it to clean your car. It is small and easy to manage so you don’t have to have a whole vacuum near or even in your car.

His vacuum cleaners also contain a see-thru plastic garbage container where all the debris and dust go. They also offer a quick release feature that can quickly empty the garbage into wherever you want it to be emptied into, like a trash can. This way you don’t have to touch the garbage and empty it manually.

I did another article on handheld vacuum cleaners and they have similar functions to these vacuums we’re currently talking about. They are also able to quickly release the garbage with the one-click feature and not only that but they’re cordless which makes them easy to carry and handle.

Overall, Dyson is one of the best vacuum brands in 2021. Be sure to check out the seller’s page for more accurate stats.

For more information about the company Dyson, check out this article about the company on wikipedia.org. You can also read the cons of both types of vacuums below. In a nutshell, Dyson is basically a British company built by someone with the last name Dyson. Their focus is to manufacturing vacuums.

Which is probably why he named his company Dyson. They make all sorts of things like vacuums, hair dryers, and other home and beauty supplies. After reading the article on Wikipedia I found out that the reason he made his company was because of how he was disappointed with the current vacuums in that time period.

If you want to learn more go check out the article by Wikipedia.

Cons Between Both Dyson Cordless and Upright Vacuums

It really all depends on your preference but a con for the cordless vacuums is that the battery doesn’t last long. It typically only lasts up to 45 minutes or so which is not enough time to vacuum the whole house for some people.

Another one for that type of vacuum is that it doesn’t have as wide of a vacuuming range as an upright vacuum.

A con for upright vacuums is that they are very hard to carry around the house due to their size and cords. Of course, the advantage of this is that you don’t have to worry about battery life.

Another con for upright vacuums, in my opinion, is that they can be a lot harder to store. Whether that’s in your garage, closet, or anywhere. They can be pretty big. Thanks for reading!

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