10 Best Flashlights 2021 (Bright + Durable)

Best Flashlights 2021 – Bright/Durable 

What makes a top grade flashlight? One that is very bright with a couple of thousand lumens and one that is made of very good material to make it durable.

These are what make a flashlight one of the best out there. They’re also known as torches outside the U.S. I also have some tactical versions listed on here as well as a couple of bundle packs. They’re the best in 2021.

Best Flashlights 2021 Information 

A flashlight is a hand-held device that allows a person to see clearly in a place with little light. The person simply pushes the “on” button and a light shines. The light is called lumens, a measure of the total amount of light emitted out by a source. The more lumens it has, the brighter it is.

They are useful in situations when there is no light. Like in a blackout or at night when you hear something suspicious or unknown outside your house.

Some are more durable than others because of what they’re made of. Some have an aluminum casing while others have an outer layer made of metal. This helps make it more durable in case you drop it accidentally.

The light they emit varies on which one you choose. Some could be thousands of lumens and others may not be as bright and more in the hundreds of lumens. Some also have a zoom-in feature. This allows you to zoom all the way in and concentrate on a certain object with higher lumens than normal, or zoom all the way out and have the light shine over more space but with fewer lumens.

In this list, I put together the best flashlights of 2021 that I could find. Some of them are water resistant and impact resistant. Others have rechargeable batteries and high lumens. You should always check what the seller has to say about the exact stats and capabilities of the flashlights.

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Flashlight NameLumens (Brightness)Bundle KitCheck Amazon Price
1. Acebeam X6512000No Price
2. Acebeam K60 Cree
5000No Price
(Standard Version)
4000No Price
4. Nitecor Tiny Monster TM26
(Premium Version)
4000Yes Price
5. ThruNite
2000No Price
2000No Price
7. Coast
1317No Price
8. Olight
1100No Price
9. SureFire
P3X Fury
1000No Price
10. Fenix
960Yes Price

These are the Brightest and Most Durable Flashlights in 2021

1. Acebeam X65 Flashlight (12000 lumens) – The Brightest Flashlight in 2021 

best flashlight 2019 bright Acebeam X65 review
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12000 lumens. Yep, you read that right, there are 3 zeros in that.

This lighthouse like a flashlight can come in real handy in a dangerous situation. You could use it for when you’re trying to see something in pitch black. Just make sure not to point it at anyone’s eyes.

It has a rechargeable battery pack and you could charge it without even taking the pack out of it. Although it’s probably best to see if the battery is still in shape once in awhile.

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Special Features

  • 12000 lumens!
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Rainproof
  • Different modes for any situation

2. Acebeam K60 Cree XHP70 LED (5000 lumens)

Acebeam K60 Cree XHP70 LED review
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5000 lumens is not as much as 12000. However, it’s still very bright. You could probably use this for camping as it’s 5000 lumens. It’s still well capable of bringing the sun into the night!

It has a maximum impact resistance of 1.2 meters and water resistant up to 2 meters. Combined with a strobe mode that continuously flashes light.

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Special Features

  • Max 5000 lumens!
  • Impact resistant (1.2m)
  • Water resistant (2m)
  • Strobe mode

3. FENIX TK75 LED (5100 lumens)

FENIX TK75 LED 5100 lumens
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With 4000 lumens you’ll be blinding whoever comes in your path! This will outshine many flashlights with ease. It also offers a strobe activation which constantly lets outbursts of light.

Not to mention that it comes with rechargeable batteries so you won’t have to keep buying and tossing batteries. Which will not only save you money but it’ll help the environment as well.

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Special Features

  • Max 4000 lumens
  • A strobe feature
  • Rechargeable batteries

4. Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26 LED (4000 lumens + bundle version) – Best Flashlights With a Bundle Kit In 2021 

Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26 LED bundle kit review
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Another 4000 lumens flashlight, except this one is a little different. The Tiny monster offers a maximum of 4000 lumens, a medium of 700 lumens, and a very low of 3 lumens.

It also has a small display screen that shows you what the temperature is, lumen setting, battery status, battery voltage, and an approximate runtime. All of which you could search through by clicking a button on it that allows you to search for what you want.

It features a charging capability which is helpful if you don’t want to always have to take the batteries out to charge them.

Being water resistant up to 2 meters below water and being impact resistant from a 1.5 meter drop, I’d say this flashlight is very durable.

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Special Features

  • High of 4000 lumens
  • Display screen
  • Batteries can be charged while still in the flashlight
  • Resistant while 2m under water
  • Impact resistant of 1.5m
  • A key chain light

5. ThruNite TN42 LED (2000 lumens)

ThruNite TN42 LED flashlight review
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All though this one only has a maximum output of 2000 lumens, it could still be used for someone that doesn’t need a 5000 lumens one. Keep in mind that 2000 lumens is still very bright.

It has a high of 2000 lumens and a low of .8 lumens. It’s water resistant up to 2 meters and impact resistant up to 1 meter.

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Special Features

  • High of 2000 lumens
  • Water resistant (2m)
  • Impact resistant (1m)

6. FENIX TK35 LED (2000 lumens)

FENIX TK35 LED durable flashlight review
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With a high of 2000, this is another great one for the outdoors. It is waterproof to 6.5 feet of water for 30 minutes and it has rechargeable batteries.

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Special Features

  • Max of 2000 lumens
  • Rechargeable batteries

7. Coast HP21 LED (1317 lumens)

Coast HP21 LED bright flashlight review
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A max of 1317 and a lower lumen of 207, this one seems good for just about any use. It has a rather long body which may be good for hitting something in a bad situation.

It allows you to choose which lumen output you want by clicking the power button and stopping when you like the light output, and also it has a strobe mode.

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Special Features

  • High of 1317 lumens
  • Battery powered

8. Olight SR52UT Kit Intimidator LED (1100 lumens)

Olight SR52UT Kit Intimidator review
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A high of 1100 lumens, a low of 80 lumens, and a strobe mode this one is less brighter than the other ones but it can still emit quite a shine.

You will also get rechargeable batteries and a car charger just in case you’re on the road. The batteries are charged while in the device and there is a light indicator to tell you when it’s fully charged.

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Special Features

  • 1100 lumens max
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Car charger

9. SureFire P3X Fury Tactical Single-Output LED (1000 lumens)

SureFire P3X Fury Tactical flashlight Single-Output LED review
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This comes with cool features but they’re too specific. The main things to point out about this one is that it has a high of 1000 lumens and it comes with aerospace aluminum body.

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Special Features

  • 1000 lumens max
  • Aerospace aluminum body

10. Fenix UC35 LED (960 lumens + bundle) – Best Low Lumens and Durable Flashlight in 2021

least bright durable flashlight 2019 Fenix UC35 LED review
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Another rechargeable battery flashlight. This time with a much lower of 960 lumens and an eco mode of 14 lumens. It also features a strobe mode and a low-power alerting feature.

Although this flashlight is much lower than the 5000 lumens one, it can still be useful for just household purposes. It’s also not as big as some of the other ones so it could be a handy thing to have by your bed.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • High of 960 lumens
  • Strobe mode
  • Rechargeable batteries

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More Information About Flashlights 

Rechargeable battery: Some versions feature a battery that doesn’t need to be replaced when it dies. You just simply charge it using a device the seller gives to you or that you purchase. Sometimes you have to take the battery pack out of the flashlight to recharge it, while other times you could keep the battery pack it and it’ll charge in there when it’s plugged into a power source. Some people prefer to use these types of batteries because they have to buy fewer batteries and it saves them some money. Others prefer it because it’s more environmentally friendly. The only downside is that if the batteries die, you can’t just replace them like regular ones unless you have extra rechargeable batteries.

Runtime: How long the torch shines largely depends on the battery. When it starts to die out the light will probably lower and not be as bright until you charge it.

Strobe mode: This mode is offered by most flashlights (aka torches). When this mode is enabled the light lets outbursts of light continuously. This can be used to signal someone or call for help as someone cannot help but notice a flashing light that’s very bright.

Waterproof: Before you go submerge your flashlight in water, you might want to read this. Just because it says it’s water resistant doesn’t mean it could be submerged in the water forever. Most of the time the owner of the item will state the limit of which it is waterproof. Usually, though, it’s only a couple of feet.

Drop proof: Like the previous example, drop proof doesn’t mean you could drop it from meters above the ground. Check to see what the seller says the limit to which the torch could be dropped. From what I’ve seen it’s usually only a few feet.

Do not shine it in people’s eyes: This one should be obvious but as always don’t shine it in someone’s eyes. It causes damage and it’s not cool. The brighter it is, the more damage it could cause.

On/Off button: The on button is typically the off button on most flashlights that I’ve tried. Most of the time they contain multiple modes and you have to “click” through all of them in order to get to the off mode. Other torches have separate buttons for on, off, or high-intensity light mode. Some owners have added this feature to give better access to the high light mode for people who need it in rushed situations.

Difference Between a Tactical and Regular Flashlight

Regular Flashlights: This is the most common version you’ll probably see. These are made for looking through bags or in a situation where you don’t need a very bright light. In short, they’re mainly for people that just want to use a casual flashlight. They’re good for carrying around in your day to day life but not good when you need something extremely bright.

Tactical Flashlights: These versions are more complex. They can be used for everyday people but they’re mainly targeted towards police officers or emergency response teams. This is because they contain features that an everyday person wouldn’t need. Some have a sharp lining around the light area meant for stabbing something. They typically have better material because of how they are used in tough situations. Sometimes they are brighter too but it depends on what it’s being used for.

A Brand flashlight: Sometimes people prefer one brand over the other. This is because typically there are only a couple of brands that make the best product. People choose which brand to go with based on what their top reviews say. Brands are often popular because they look cool or because their products are of better quality.

Uses: It seems pretty obvious what they’re used for but they do have specific uses. You could use them for searching through something in your house or bag. You could also use them for when you’re hiking, biking, or camping. There are many uses for them but if you want one of the brightest flashlights you’re probably going to be using it to light up a giant area.   

Light distance: The beam distance on them vary and it largely depends on the lumens too. Usually, household versions can go a couple of meters but sometimes they can only go a few feet. While the tactical designed ones are brighter and can have a much larger beam distance.

Light output: The light emitted from a flashlight is called lumens. The higher the lumens the brighter the light will be. There are various types of light bulbs used and they all serve a different purpose.

LED bulbs: LED bulbs are often preferred because people trust them. They use energy more efficiently which saves energy. LED bulbs also concentrate the light and heat energy while the other types of bulbs emit light and heat energy everywhere.

Weight and Size: Some torches will weigh more than others and some will also be larger than most. The reason why this is, is because the material the torch is made of. Cheap flashlights made of plastic will typically weigh less than high-grade metal torches that are durable. The size doesn’t really have any relations with the quality of the torch. Some of the brightest torches are small or they’re not as big as you’d think they would be.

Lenses: The lenses can have an impact on how bright it’ll be. Some lenses have a zoom in feature that allows the light to be more concentrated on a certain area. Make sure the lenses are clean too because the light won’t be as bright if it’s dirty. Some lenses will also have different colors for the beam of light. There may be a red lens to emit red light or a green lens to emit green light.

Belt or pocket clip: Some of them have a clip that could clip onto your pocket. The clip is usually in the middle of the torch. You could also clip it onto a belt. Sometimes they offer this add on and sometimes they don’t include it. It’s a unique feature because it makes it more convenient for the person because they don’t have to hold it all day.

Bundle packs: Sometimes the seller offers a bundle pack. This is when the main item is being sold and you can get a few extra add ons to it. These extra add ons that come with it may be another torch, more batteries, or really anything. Other times they may offer a case to hold it in.

Color: Some people would like the color to be red while others prefer it to be black. Sometimes the seller offers different colors but they may charge for a different color. People that are looking for a somewhat stealthy torch typically go for a black one because it’s less visible than a red one.

Red laser pointer: A really cool feature, in my opinion, is a torch that comes with a built-in laser pointer. This would especially be helpful if I’m using it to point at something specific. Like if I am aiming down my sights or I am trying to show someone a specific object in the distance.

Material: The material it’s made of largely depends on what it’s intended to be used for by the manufacturer. If it’s intended to be used for rough or dangerous environments, it’s probably going to be made of some strong material. Most torches that are meant for that are made of metal or hard aluminum. You always want to make sure it’s made of good material because you don’t want some cheap plastic flashlight when you’re a police officer.

Should I Own a Bright and Durable Flashlight?

Who should own a flashlight?: I say everyone should own one! Especially a bright and durable one. You don’t want to be in a situation where you don’t have any power and all you have is a cheap flashlight. Then you drop it and it’s broken! Someone that lives in a place that experiences a lot of natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, hail, or rough weather, in general, should own one. If the power goes out you want to have one to see in the dark. People that work in emergency services should by default have one because there may be a time when they need to find someone that is located in a dark place.

Where should you keep it?: I say keep one next to your bed, kitchen, or in a place where you’re at often. Always be ready for a blackout or a natural disaster. The amount of them you have also depends on how many people in the house. Generally, the more people that live in a house the more you should have. Every person should be able to have access to one in my opinion.

How big should it be?: It really depends. If you lose small items often, then you should probably buy a rather big one. However, if you’re just using it for casual reasons then you should get a smaller one so it won’t be a hassle to carry around. Size normally doesn’t affect how good it is, sometimes the manufacturers make them big for self-defense purposes.

How heavy should it be?: Again it depends on what you’re using it for. If you’re planning to use it in rough situations then you may want a heavier one because it might be more heavy duty. If you’re going to use it for your everyday life, then a lighter one may be less of a pain.

Self-defense: Some people use them for defending themselves. They do this by shining the light on someone’s face, which I’m not saying you should do of course. Tactical flashlights are usually used for self-defense because they are typically designed for it. They are made of solid material and have a button that automatically turns on the max brightness.

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By the way, in case you didn’t already know here is a basic overview of how flashlights work at prezi.com. They have a fancy slide show about it and go over some basic know-how about them.

Tactical flashlights (or nontactical) all have one thing in common. They expel light! They also all have a bulb which is where the light comes from. Some might have a magnifier so that you can zoom in and have a more concentrated area of light.

Tactical ones can differ from regular flashlights since they sometimes have sharp spots or are stronger since they are used for self-defense at times.

Cons of Owning a Flashlight

The pros simply out way the cons when it comes to flashlights but there are some things to take into consideration.

One of them being is that flashlights can hurt someone’s eyes if not used properly. If you hand a child a flashlight than they might point it at your eyes or worse their eyes. This can cause blindness and other eye related issues.

The other one is that unless you get a durable flashlight as I mentioned in this article, the flashlight will probably break within one fall since most of them are made of plastic or some other type of cheap material.

Another con can be that the flashlight might not be able to light up even a single room if you don’t get a bright flashlight. It’s important to get one that is bright so that you don’t have to struggle to see since that’s the reason why you’re using it.

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