5 Best Smart Thermostats 2021 (Alexa Compatible + Google Home)

Best Smart Thermostats 2021 – Alexa Compatible/Google Home 

It’s 100 degrees outside and your house is like an oven.

You want to turn the thermostat on but it’s too far away and why not just keep watching TV?

Don’t you wish you could control your thermostat using the Wi-Fi connection from your phone? Or maybe even control it with your voice?

Well, that’s exactly what these smart thermostats can do.

They’re the best smart thermostats of 2021. All of them are compatible with Amazon Alexa and some are compatible with Google Home.

They’re also the top rated on Amazon. A trusted internet store.

You’re able to control the smart thermostats with your voice using Amazon Alexa and sometimes Google Home.

You don’t need Alexa or Home to control it. If you’d like you could get up and set it manually.

If you don’t want to do either one, there’s another option for you. Some of them could be controlled using your tablet or smartphone. The device connects to your smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi.

As you can see these smart thermostats are perfect for anyone. Whether you want it because they’re not as complicated as the older versions. Or maybe you want one because they are more convenient.

Having one of these is essential for completing your smart home. Even if you don’t want to have an automated home these will still look good in any house.

Not only are they easy and not complicated to use. They are also very futuristic looking. Which will make any visitor say “Hey, what’s that?”

Some of them even get to know your temperature preference and design a schedule for you based on when you’re home. They’ll only do this if you allow them to.

Now that you know how awesome it would be to have one of these, check out the list that I’ve put together.

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Thermostat Name Touchscreen Alexa Compatible Google Home Compatible Check Amazon Price
1. Nest Learning 3rd Generation
(Premium Version)
NoYesYes Price
2. Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat
(Standard Version)
YesYesNo Price
3. Nest Learning 2nd GenerationNoYesNo Price
4. Sensi Smart ThermostatNoYesYes Price
5. First Alert OnelinkYesYesNo Price

Best Smart Thermostats 2021 

1. Nest Learning 3rd Generation (Stainless Steel) – The Best One For Alexa and Google Home Compatibility in 2021 

best smart thermostat nest learning for Alexa and Google Home Compatibility in 2019
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This Smart Thermostat is easy the best looking one. It is black with a bright grey outline which makes it look futuristic.

It’s energy star which means that it is energy efficient. Unlike the older ones that use up energy all the time. This one only uses energy when it needs it. Saving you money which makes it that more awesome.

The amount of energy you’ll be saving with this will add up over time and eventually it might even pay for itself with all the money you saved!

The Nest is able to learn about your preferences. You don’t have to program it or press all kinds of buttons which leave you confused. All you have to do is let it learn from you and it will form your own schedule.

When it comes to changing the temperature, you could do it manually or from your phone. You could change it from your tablet, laptop, and phone. Making it even more convenient for you.

It can also be voice activated. Using the Amazon Alexa device or Google Home you could ask it to change the temperature.

Simply set up the device in your room, connect it to Nest, and now you’ve just turned the Nest into a voice-activated smart thermostat.

You don’t need any of those devices to control Nest. You could manually set it to your preferred temperature or control it from your smartphone.

Are you gone from home for most of the day? Maybe you go to work or you’re just somewhere else during the day. The Nest Learning can use its sensors to find out if your home.

This saves energy because it will know to slow the heat or cool air down or even stop it completely. Saving you energy and time because now you aren’t required to turn it off when you leave.

If you’re in a rush to go to work it will know when you are gone and immediately start saving you energy. You don’t have to stop and turn it off on your way to work.

There’s another option for you if you want it to know whether your home or not. If you allow it to, it will determine the location of your phone and if it sees that it’s not in the house it will start saving energy.

If you want it to keep the temperature going in the house even when you’re gone, you could set it to that.

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Special Features

  • Alexa and Google Home compatible
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Energy Star (energy efficient)
  • Learns your personal preference
  • Control it from your smartphone, tablet, and laptop
  • Knows when you’re gone and saves energy

Best Smart Thermostat With Sensors – The Ecobee3

2. Ecobee3 With Sensor (2nd Generation) – The Best One With Sensors and Touchscreen in 2021 

Ecobee3 second generation touchscreen alexa compatible
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This one has a lot of similarities to the Nest Learning, I will point those out but there’s one main takeaway from this one that makes it different from the previous one.

It has a sensor separate from the actual device that reads the temperature from the room you put it in. This makes it better than most thermostats that just measure the temperature in the room that it’s in.

Some rooms are cooler or warmer than the room it’s in. So the temperature it says it is, may not be the actual temperature of the whole house. With the Ecobee3 you can put a sensor in each room to make sure it’s accurate.

You could connect the Ecobee3 with multiple devices. Control it manually with your tablet, smartphone, or even smartwatch. Or you could use Siri and ask it to do what you want the Ecobee3 to do.

It also offers a hands-free experience because you could connect it up to Amazon Alexa. This way you don’t have to even get up to use the Ecobee3. Just tell Alexa the command, like “Alexa turn up the heat” and it’ll do it.

You don’t have to have Alexa but if you do, make sure you sync it with the Ecobee3.

Similar to the Nest Learning, the Ecobee3 is easy to use and it looks like future tech. Who doesn’t like a device that looks futuristic?  You could have the device display extra data on the screen. Like the weather and date.

The device is completely touch screen. Making it easy to use because you don’t have to press hard on any buttons. Some of the smart thermostats are not touchscreen but this one is which is cool.

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Special Features

  • Place the sensor devices to tell temperature in different rooms
  • Connect it to your devices, even your smart watch
  • Hands free with Alexa
  • Completely touchscreen with simple interface

This Smart Thermostat Tracks Energy From the Heater and AC

3. Nest Learning (2nd Generation)

alexa compatible Nest Learning second generation review
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This one is very similar to the Nest Learning 3rd generation. The 3rd generation is a whole lot better but the 2nd generation deserves its place in the top 10.

It is able to sense if you are in the house or not. This makes it able to reduce the amount of power it is using. Which will save you money in the long run.

It’s able to learn your schedule. For example, if you leave at 7 am and come back home at 3 pm from work, then it’ll learn that after a while. It will eventually know when to power down without you even touching it.

Which is very helpful if you don’t have the time to have it use less energy when you’re in a hurry to work.

Have you ever wondered how much energy you’ve been using? Maybe you wonder how the bills are that high? Nest Learning is able to track the energy you’ve used from your heater and air conditioning.

It only shows the energy usage history from the past 10 days. This information is super valuable because it could help you decide how to lower your bill.

Using what the Nest Learning tells you, you could find out where you’re using the most energy and where you’re using the least. Then you can make some adjustments to your schedule to lower the energy usage.

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Special Features

  • Tells the energy usage in the last 10 days
  • Senses if you are in the house to save energy
  • Great for saving energy, which saves you money

Best Smart Thermostat Without a Touchscreen

4. Sensi Smart Thermostat (Not Touchscreen)

Sensi Smart Thermostat Not Touchscreen
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Although this one doesn’t have the cool looks like the other ones, it’s still great. It sort of looks like an average thermostat but it’s not.

It isn’t touchscreen like the others because you have to press some buttons in order to change the settings or set something. The previous ones are touchscreen and in my opinion, a lot more cool looking.

But if you don’t like touchscreens because of how inaccurate they can be, then it would make sense to get this one. Sometimes the touchscreens can be annoying and if you prefer a device that relies on pushing buttons, then this is the smart thermostat for you.

Using a free app, you could control it using Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Making you able to control it without even having to get up. Whether you are lazy or just usually really busy, this feature is great for you.

Don’t have either of those smart devices? That’s ok because there’s also an app you could download for the Sensi. It allows you to control the Sensi thru your smartphone.

According to the seller, the temperature reading is very accurate. The old thermostats typically can be a few degrees off.

Meaning that sometimes the temperature could be several degrees higher or lower than the device thinks it is. Which makes the device believe that the temperature is 75 degrees while it is actually 80 degrees.

So if you prefer to have the exact temperature with only about 1 degree of inaccuracy, then you might want to consider getting it. The temperature won’t be extremely off.

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Special Features

  • Not touchscreen – you have to press buttons
  • Free app allows Google Home and Alexa compatibility
  • Control it with the app using your smartphone
  • Very accurate degree measuring

The Best Smart Thermostat for Safety (Locks Screen on Touch)  

5. First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi (Touchscreen) 

least best smart thermostat 2018 First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi Touchscreen review
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This smart thermostat is touchscreen, hence the name. It’s not as futuristic looking compared to the top 3 but it has similar and different features compared to them.

If you have ever wondered why your electric bill is so high and how you could possibly be using so much energy, this one is for you. It doesn’t track the electricity usage from the whole house but it does track the amount used from your heater or AC.

It keeps a history log of the amount of energy you used for the past week. This will allow you to see if you have been using the heater or AC too much. Making you able to cut back on electricity usage and saving you money.

Is there someone at home that you don’t want to be messing with the thermostat? Maybe you want to make sure your kids don’t accidentally turn up the heat while you’re gone.

The Onelink offers a unique security feature that allows you to set it to where if anyone touches it, the screen gets locked. This could prevent accidents and higher energy bills.

They wouldn’t have been able to call this first alert if there was no alert feature. If for some reason there is a failure whether that’s because the temperature went higher or lower than what it was set to, you’ll get an alert.

You’ll be alerted via email to notify you that something’s not right. Which just adds another benefit to having it.

There’s also an app that you could download that will allow you to control Onelink from your phone. Making it easy to manage Onelink.

It’s also Alexa compatible so you don’t even have to touch Onelink for it to work. Which just makes it that more convenient.

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Special Features

  • Tracks AC and Heater energy usage from a 7 day time frame
  • Make the screen lock if someone touches it (like a child)
  • Alerts you if something is wrong
  • Control it thru an app
  • Alexa compatible

If you’re interested in improving your smart home, I suggest you take a look at the best smart doorbells and the best smart sprinkler controllersThe products were also reviewed in 2021 so don’t worry about old content.

The smart doorbells have a camera and can be connected to the Wi-Fi for it to be controlled by your smartphone. The smart sprinkler controllers are Alexa compatible and connect to the Wi-Fi for you to monitor them by your tablet or smartphone.

They make a perfect smart home combination. One will control temperature, the other will monitor the door, and the last one will make sure that your garden is given the right amount of water.

More Information About Smart Thermostats 

What are smart thermostats? They’re devices that are used to control the AC and Heater usage.

They are used to tell your heater source or AC source what to do. You use them to make the house warmer or cooler. Depending on if you have both of the systems installed in your house.

A “smart” version is more reliable, probably more easy to use than the older ones, and offers a lot more features.

Some of them allow you to schedule when you would like the temperature to be lowered or heightened. Others learn from you and figure out how you like it.

Making it to where you don’t have to set the temperature. Some versions can even tell if you are in the house by using sensors.

Once it sees that you’re not home it will reduce energy usage because there’s no one home. I’m sure you could change this but it’s helpful for when you are rushing out the door to go to work.

All of the ones that I listed above are Alexa compatible and some are Google home compatible. These devices are not necessary to use the actual product, they just make it a little more convenient.

They allow you to ask your Home if you want the temperature to be raised or lowered. Making it to where you don’t have to even get out of your bed or seat to turn to adjust the temperature.

Most of them are touchscreen which is different from the original ones because the older versions typically require you to press buttons. This can get annoying and it is a whole lot less convenient from a touchscreen one.

All in all, having one of these smart thermostats would make a great product to someone that is trying to build a smart home.

If you want to learn more about why you should get a smart thermostat, lifehacker.com explains what they can do that yours can’t do already. They compare old thermostats to the new smart thermostats.

Lifehacker talks about the various ways a smart thermostat is better than a regular one. They talk about how it can save you money.  Which your regular thermostat probably can’t do.

Be sure to check out the seller’s page for the exact stats and dangers just in case I missed anything or got some facts wrong. The only downside to most smart thermostats is that they can be a little bit expensive.

Most of them are in the hundred or hundreds of dollars. I’ve never seen one over three hundred though. The upside to this is that you might make your money back since it has the potential to save you money.

The Cons / Pros of Smart Thermostats

There aren’t many cons to owning and using a smart thermostat. Just make sure you choose the best one and you’ll be fine.

The thermostat might give less accurate temperature readings if there are not sensors all around the house. However, it will probably only be off by 1 or 2 degrees which is not that big of a difference.

There are a lot of benefits of having one though. One of them being is that they are a lot simpler to use compared to their much less user-friendly old version thermostats.

They don’t require you to press several buttons before getting to the temperature settings. Especially the Nest Learning smart thermostat because with that one all you have to do is turn the wheel like a dial and it will change the temperature nice and easy.

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