5 Best Smart Video Doorbells 2021 (Camera + Wi-Fi)

Best Smart Video Doorbells 2021 – Camera/Wi-Fi

Want to know who’s at the door without actually opening it?

These smart video doorbells allow you to see who is at the door using the camera. They could be accessed through your smartphone or tablet using the Wi-Fi.

They’re the best in 2021 because of how many features they offer.

Most of them are weather resistant and they’re able to record video in the dark. This means that you’ll still be able to see people at your door at night or in the dark.

Below are the best smart video doorbells in 2021 with a camera and they can connect to the Wi-Fi.

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Smart Doorbell Name Video Resolution Echo Show CompatibleCheck Amazon Price
1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro
(Premium Version)
1080p HD VideoYes Price
2. Ring Video Doorbell
(Standard Version)
720p HD VideoNo Price
3. Zmodo Greet720p HD VideoNo Price
4. RemoBell720p HD VideoNo Price
5. Fnova720p HD VideoNo Price

Best Smart Video Doorbells 2021

1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro – The Best One In 2021

best smart video doorbell 2019 Ring Video Doorbell Pro review
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The best smart video doorbell in 2021 is by Ring, it’s the pro edition. Pro editions typically are more upgraded than non-pro editions.

It is Alexa compatible (Echo Show). Echo Show is a device owned by Amazon that allows you to communicate with people face to face or you could watch videos from it.

All you say is “Alexa who is at the front door” and it will show you the camera view on the Echo Show screen. Making it so that you don’t have to pull out your phone and manually check.

You don’t have to own the Echo Show in order for the Ring smart video doorbell to work but it makes a nice and convenient add on if you own it.

There’s a sort of 2-way talk that comes with the device. Meaning that if there was someone at the door you could talk to them and they could talk to you. All being down without them seeing your face, but you could see theirs because the camera will pick it up.

So you could use it to wave off some salesmen without having to even get off your chair or stop what you’re doing. It could also be used for someone to give you a quick bit of information like from a neighbor or a friend.

It also has a 1080p HD camera video quality, which is probably the best video quality you could get. You won’t have to deal with low-quality video and the frustration that comes with it.

It can detect motion and it will notify you if it detects something. So you’ll be able to know if someone’s at the door without having to check. It also has night vision for seeing visitors in the dark.

You could also set the camera to where if it detects something from a certain area like your window, it will send you an alert. This way you could be notified if someone is maybe trying to break in or means to cause harm.

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Special Features

  • Echo Show compatible
  • 2 way talking (both people can hear)
  • Weather resistant
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Customize “danger zones”

Lower Video Quality Smart Video Doorbells 

2. Ring Video Doorbell (Not Echo Show Compatible)

Ring camera smart Video Doorbell review
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Another one by Ring. It has a camera for recording of course and the camera itself has a lot of capabilities.

You’re able to see who’s at the door using your mobile phone or tablet. Sync them both and you’re able to see them on your smartphone from your couch.

It has night vision which makes it able to record video in the dark. If someone approaches the door at night, you’ll still be able to see them and see if they mean to cause harm. Or maybe you’re expecting someone at night and you don’t want to answer the door to the wrong person.

Another cool feature about the device is that you’re able to see the person that’s at the door and talk to them at the same time! You could interact with the person without having to open the door. Whether it’s with a salesman or your family, you can talk and see them without opening the door.

It’s also weather resistant, to an extent. The device will do good in the rain but it probably won’t last during a hail storm. Weather resistant means that it is protected against basic weather like rain. Not lightning or any other form of extreme weather.

Ring (product’s name) is able to connect to the Wi-Fi. It does this because you get alerts whenever it detects any sort of motion at the door. These alerts are sent to your smartphone or tablet as long as both devices are connected to the Wi-Fi.

You could raise or lower the sensitivity of the motion detection feature. Sometimes a cat or an animal can set it off. This is why you lower the sensitivity of it so that it will only pick up larger things like humans.

Having alerts sent to you when there’s someone at the door is very helpful because you don’t have to be in the house in order for you to know that someone is at the door. The alert will be sent to you if you’re sleeping, in the garage, or away from the house.

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Special Features

  • Camera
  • See who’s at the door using your smartphone or tablet
  • Connects to a phone using Wi-Fi
  • Night vision for recording in the dark
  • Interact with whoever is at the door
  • Weather resistant
  • Alerts when motion is detected at the door
  • Lower or raise the sensitivity for motion detection

3. Zmodo Greet (Alternative To The Ring Doorbells)

Zmodo Greet smart wifi doorbell review
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A different company this time but they still sell smart video doorbells. It isn’t as good as the ones by Ring but they have some features that are worth mentioning. There are some repeats but the design is different.

The only downside of Zmodo is that it is 720p HD. This is still good video quality but not as good as the 1080p quality that Ring has. I’d consider this one the not as premium edition version.

The best feature about it is that you could set a voice message for people that come to the door. Whether you’re telling people that know you that you’re busy or away. Or maybe there’s someone at the door you don’t want to talk to and you set a recorded message to make them go away.

You could talk to your visitors and they could talk to you. Using your smartphone you could go on the live video stream and talk to people while they talk back. This is also a good way to verify visitors to make sure they are who they say they are.

Need to see someone at the door at night? It has night vision that will allow you to see them. No more having to worry about answering the door in the dark to someone you don’t know. Since the smart video doorbell saves the recordings, you’ll be able to see if the person was a burglar.

As I said, the videos are recorded for a certain amount of time. So someone could come to your house and just leave a quick “message” for you. It’s also helpful if someone breaks into your house because the camera might be able to catch their face.

The best part of most of these smart doorbells is that you’re able to see visitors from wherever you are. As long as the device and your smartphone or tablet are connected to the Wi-Fi.

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Special Features

  • Only 720p HD video quality
  • Set a voice message for anyone that comes to the door
  • Motion detection – get alerts whenever someone’s at the door
  • Talk to visitors and visitors can talk to you (without seeing your face)
  • View live stream using your smartphone or tablet
  • Connects to Wi-Fi
  • Night vision (view in the dark)
  • Video is recorded for some time

4. RemoBell (Weather Resistant Like Ring Pro)

RemoBell doorbell review
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This one only has a 720p quality which is great but not as good as a 1080p one. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, the higher the number the better the video quality. Everyone likes max quality.

It’s also weather resistant which means that rain won’t damage it and it might last in some extreme temperatures. It probably won’t stand a chance against a tornado but it will resist water and some temperatures.

It has motion detection which is very cool. It will send you a notification to your phone if it detects something. It also uses infrared night vision so you won’t have to worry about not being able to see who’s at the door in the dark.

The way it is able to send you alerts is by using the Wi-Fi. If your phone and the device are connected to it then you’ll be able to see the live stream of who’s at your door and you’ll get alerts when someone approaches the door.

It runs off of rechargeable batteries. You don’t have to keep replacing the batteries because you can simply just recharge them. This way you could save time by not having to go back and forth to the store and money because you won’t have to buy batteries every time they die.

There are more features that go into the mobile dashboard. You could view which doorbells you answered or were left unanswered. This way you could see if you didn’t answer the door to an important person.

It also includes the dates of which the door was answered or not answered too. Also, it shows the dates for the other events that happened.

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Special Features

  • 720p video quality
  • Weather resistant (rain and temperature)
  • Motion detection (sends alerts to your phone when something’s detected)
  • Infrared night viewing (see who’s at the door in the dark)
  • Notifications are sent to your smartphone or tablet
  • Uses rechargeable batteries
  • See past unanswered/answered doorbell rings

The Less Preferred Smart Video Doorbell in 2021 

5. Fnova (Not Waterproof)

Fnova Not Waterproof still a good bell
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The only downside to this one is that it’s not waterproof. Meaning that the device will not last outside if it is raining. This might be fine for some people that live in a place that doesn’t get a lot of rain but for the people that experience rain every once in a while should probably get a weather resistant smart video doorbell.

Aside from that faulty, there’s really no new features. There are much better smart video doorbells in 2021 in our opinion, like the Ring Pro. Be sure to check the product out some more just in case I missed some stuff though.

It has night vision to allow you to see someone at your front door in the dark. There’s a built-in motion detector system and it alerts you whenever someone walks up to your door.

It’s still good but the ones by Ring are easily the best.

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Why Get a Smart Video Doorbell?

Smart video doorbells are useful for everyone that has a front door. Without them, you won’t be able to see who you’re answering the door to.

They’re good for waving off people that you don’t want to talk to because there’s a two-way talk system. It allows you and the visitor to talk and listen to each other.

Some of them also let you leave a prerecorded message for people that come to the door. So in case you’re busy or away people will know that you are not available.

They also make your home more modern. Using this device and other smart devices, your home will be more automated. These smart sprinkler controllers and smart thermostats would fit great in almost any home. I also made that list in 2021 so it was just recently created.

Some of them connect to the Wi-Fi so you could control it via your smartphone or tablet. Some are also Alexa and sometimes Google Home compatible.

Make sure to check out the exact stats and details of these products from the sellers. I may have misstated something.

For more information read this article by howtogeek.com they explain why you should buy a video doorbell.  I also talk about the reasons why you should buy a video doorbell but it’s good to get a second opinion. The howtogeek site is known for their knowledge of computers and gadgets. 

Howtogeek talks about similar things as I do. They talk about how it’s basically a digital peek hole, a security camera, and how it is really easy to install. Everyone likes products that are really easy to install and that act as those things that I mentioned.

Cons Of A Video Doorbell

Many people don’t know this but there can be some disadvantages to having a video doorbell. One of them is that the motion detection feature sometimes sends you an alert that someone is at the door while in reality, it’s a cat, a dog, or a mountain lion.

Another con is that not all video doorbells are waterproof. That means you can end up walking outside one day after it rained and find your new fancy looking doorbell destroyed by the rain. That won’t happen though if you choose the best smart doorbell for waterproof purposes.

It can also be hard to hear the person talking through the built-in microphone that some video doorbells have. This can be frustrating but can be fixed by telling the person to talk closer to the doorbell. Since most of them allow you to talk to your visitors via WiFi connection.

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