30 Best Standing Desks 2021 (Adjustable + Ergonomic)

Best Standing Desks 2021 Adjustable/Ergonomic

These standing desks are ergonomic and adjustable!

You just fell asleep on the job. Your boss yells at you. You say:

It wasn’t my fault I got to relaxed sitting!

This is why you need a standing desk. To make yourself more productive and awake while you’re working.

The desks I’ve listed out are ergonomic because of how they make you stand instead of sitting and aching your body all day or sleeping on the job. Some of them can be placed on top of a desk that you already have, while the other ones are a desk itself.

Most of them are adjustable so you could make it higher or lower depending on your preference. I’ll also explain more about standing desks after I list the top ones.

These are the best in 2021 that I could find. Of course, you should always check the specific stats on the seller’s page in case I messed up on the details.

Some of these are more durable than others but you can decide on which one you think will serve you best.  Some people prefer these types of desks because of how they make you stand. It’s better ergonomically because most of the time we tend to sit wrong, which could lead to damages.

It may seem like standing desks will make you less productive in your work, but it makes you stay awake and not fall asleep. If you’re athletic you probably don’t like sitting on a chair all day long too. Standing desks help you be more engaged with what you’re doing. As long as you adjust it to the most ergonomic position, you shouldn’t have a problem typing on your keyboard.

There’s an article on WebMD about office ergonomics. They give an overview of the topic.

With the basics of what they are and how they help you out of the way, check out the top standing desks of 2021 below. There’s 30 in all, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that suits you. If you can’t, have a look at the section below.

They are also available in different colors and sizes. There will be more information about the uses and the benefits of them at the end of the article.

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Best Standing Desks 2021 

1. Bamboo Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable (Stand Up Desk) – Simplest Adjustable Standing Desk In 2021 

best standing desk 2018 Bamboo Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable review
VIew on Amazon

This is great if you want to stay nature-friendly because it’s made of bamboo. Bamboo grows very fast which makes it a great resource. We both know that bamboo doesn’t easily break so this makes this desk very sturdy. It also gives the room you place it a nice calm feeling if you’re into nature derived items in your office. It’s fully adjustable so you don’t have to worry about it not being the best height for you.

Aside all, wouldn’t it be cool to say you have a desk made of bamboo? And this bamboo won’t spread everywhere, if you know what I mean.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Adjustable
  • Made of bamboo
  • Calm feeling

2. Stand Up Desk (Crank Adjustable)  

Stand Up Desk Crank Adjustable review
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This one has a minimalist type of design. Or maybe that’s because it looks like wood, which is cool. The upper deck is able to hold your monitor along with a few other things but it’s not that big so don’t try to stuff it! The keyboard is placed on the lower part for a more ergonomic design, a mouse can be placed besides the keyboard.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Adjustable height
  • Simple design
  • Not wide, will fit in most areas

3. Stand up Desk (With FREE a Monitor Mount) 

ergonomic Stand up Desk with Monitor Mount
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When you buy this, you’ll get a free monitor mount. A monitor mount is basically a mechanism that holds your monitor for you. You can tilt it to your preference and turn it so you don’t have to keep turning your head and neck. The mount is easy to use and it doesn’t take up that much space. There’s a good amount of space on the desk for a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and some papers if you need them for something.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Free monitor mount
  • Good space

4. Varidesk Pro Plus 36 (Height Adjustable)

Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Height Adjustable
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Available in different colors, the desk could hold 2 monitors on top of it, a keyboard, and a mouse. This seems to be meant for looking at the monitors and casually typing. The desk folds in where the keyboard is so you could type better without have to place your arms in an awkward position and it makes it more comfortable for your stomach.

The monitors are placed higher on the desk while the keyboard is placed lower. There’s also room for your mouse and mouse pad beside the keyboard section.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Fits 2 monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse
  • Comfortably type
  • 11 different height positions
  • Goes on top of an already existing desk
  • You can sit down if you get tired too

5. X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable (Desk Converter)

X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter review
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This is smaller than the previous one so you will have a harder time fitting 2 monitors, but it’s great if you only need to put 1 monitor on it. It’s very easy to adjust and you could go from standing mode to sitting mode with little effort. It can be placed on a desk that you already have.

A benefit of this standing desk is that you could put more than just monitors and a keyboard on it. There’s room to fit other stuff that you need. Just make sure you don’t drop it!

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Easy to adjust handle
  • Portable
  • Plenty of space

6. FlexiSpot Standing Desk (With Removable Keyboard Tray)

FlexiSpot Standing Desk With Removable Keyboard Tray converter
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The keyboard is a comfortable distance from the monitor. You could use this for standing or sitting. It’s not hard to adjust so you could stand without having to not want to due to it being hard to adjust.

There’s a different section for the keyboard so you don’t have to worry about bumping or hitting the monitor. The keyboard tray can be removed but it’s put there to promote healthier wrist and hand positioning.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Smooth movements
  • Easy to adjust handle
  • 12 height levels
  • Removable keyboard tray

7. Smugdesk (Desk Converter)

Smugdesk Desk Converter review
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This one could fit 2 monitors. It has a lower section for the keyboard and mouse. It goes on top of your current desk and makes it to where you could now stand and do your work.

There’s a different height level for most people. It’s easy to adjust with the simple handle so you could go into standing position with ease.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Easy to change the height
  • Fits 2 monitors
  • Room for the keyboard and mouse below the monitors

8. VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk (Fits Dual Monitor)

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Fits Dual Monitor
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This one is a little more complex but it has the same features as the other ones.

The only difference is that it has a fancier rising feature. They put a small rectangular hole to hold pens or your phone.

The lower part allows for a keyboard and a mouse beside it. It’s removable in case you don’t want it.

The top surface size is good and it’s enough to probably hold 2 monitors.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Lower deck for keyboard
  • Cool rising adjustment feature

9. Halter ED-258 (Sit/Stand)

Halter ED-258 Sit Stand
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Good desk size for placing some monitors and other items. There’s a section for the keyboard and mouse.

It can be placed on top of a desk to make it into a standing or sitting work place.

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Special Features

  • Easy to use
  • The necessary sections
  • Adjustable

10. The House of Trade desk (Desk Riser)

The House of Trade Desk Riser review
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This one is good for completing desk work but it’s also great to use for reading an article or something from the monitor.

I say this because the keyboard is retractable and the top part of it where the monitors are placed is curved to where it won’t hurt you if you got closer to the monitor screen.

These are what makes it good if you want to use a standing desk for reading, or for watching a movie or something.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Easy to adjust
  • Good for reading from your monitor
  • Available in different colors

11. Ergotron  (Fits Dual)

Ergotron Fits Dual
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The Ergotron has a very nice design to it. It can hold stability hold 2 monitors which attach to it.

It has a decent sized flat surface for you to put your papers or whatever you want. There’s a lower deck for the keyboard and mouse.

It can be placed on a desk and ergonomically adjusted for you to stand and do your work. Or you could place it on a desk or already existing table and use it to just sit down and work.

The keyboard is tilted to be ergonomic. There are also 2 square spaces for 2 monitors to be placed.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Ergonomic keyboard
  • Holds 2 monitors
  • Can be used for sitting

12. Standing desk by High Supply (Converter)

Standing desk by High Supply Converter in 2019
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This tabletop desk can be used for standing or sitting.

You place it on a desk and you could lower it to where you could sit and do your work. Or if you want you could raise it to stand and work.

The desk size is great as it can hold several monitors and you could put some papers on it. There’s a bottom section that’s below where the monitors are placed. You could place your keyboard and mouse on there if you like.

The tabletop is fully adjustable so you don’t have to worry about not being tall or short enough. Although there may be a height limit.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Completely adjustable
  • Stand or sit

13. Stand Up Desk Store (AirRise Pro) 

Stand Up Desk Store AirRise Pro
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It’s nice and sturdy with its steel structure. Place it on a desk and you’re good to go.

As with most of the desks/tabletops, this one can be used for sitting or standing.

The only downside is that the lower section does not move. This is fine unless you would like to remove it to get closer to the screen.

In all this one isn’t that bad considering it’s very stable. It’s also very to easy to adjust which is a nice add on.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Stable
  • Keyboard section is stationary
  • Sturdy steel structure

14. ApexDesk GX (Fits 2 monitors)

ApexDesk GX Fits 2 monitors
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A cool feature is a small section on the upper desk.

There’s a small opening holder that you could place your phone, pencils, notepads, or whatever you want to have easy access to.

The keyboard section is nice, just make sure that it does not fall off. The design to it will fit in any office. The black color gives it a good look and it’ll stand out in an office with white everywhere.

The 36inch is good enough to place several small sized monitors. Or you could place one big monitor and have some papers on the side.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Phone placer
  • Nice design

15. Premium Standing Desk (With Anti-Fatigue Matt)

Premium Standing Desk With Anti-Fatigue Matt 2019
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This one comes with an extra add on. It comes with a free anti fatigue mattress.

I would probably recommend this for anyone looking to buying a standing desk as it could take a toll on your joints and ankles if you’re standing on a hard surface.

With that being said, the desk itself is great, with a good look and ergonomic build to it. If looking at your computer screens isn’t enough for you, you could place your tablet or kindle on it in the special opening meant for that.

I guess you could be looking stuff up on your tablet and doing the actual writing on your computer if you would like.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Tablet slot
  • Free anti-fatigue mattress

16. Mount-It! Sit Stand Desk (Mount 2 Monitors) 

Mount-It! Sit Stand Desk Mount 2 Monitors
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This looks like a great desk to watch movies on. That’s if of course you’re sitting, which you hopefully won’t be doing.

It’s able to securely hold 2 monitors that attach to it. It has a small area for notes or office paper and a lower area where the keyboard and mouse belong.

The monitors would be able to tilt up or down a little to adjust to your line of vision. It’s rotatable so you can rotate it for where you want to see it from.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Holds 2 monitors in the air
  • Can rotate/tilt
  • Area to keep a notebook or paper

17. VersaDesk Power Pro (Electric Adjusting) 

VersaDesk Power Pro Electric Adjusting
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The adjusting feature on this one is pure awesome. It is electric powered and with a push of a button you could either rise or lower the desk.

The lowering and rising capability on it are nice, smooth, and steady. You can add a mount to hold 2 monitors by placing it in the hold and it’ll hold them in the air on top of the desk.

This leaves you with more room to put papers and such on the desk. Another nice feature is that it has something in front of the keyboard section. This can prevent you from accidentally pushing your keyboard off of it.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Smooth adjustment
  • Electric powered
  • Includes a hole for the mount
  • Thing in front of the keyboard to keep it from falling off

18. Rocelco DADR (Keyboard Tray)

Rocelco DADR Keyboard Tray review
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This one comes with a built-in hole meant to have a screen mount into it. It’s not required to have but it’s helpful to have if you like your screens a bit in the air instead of on the desk leaving you without a workspace.

You could also use it to help you out with the cables, that way they’re not all over the place and getting in your way. The keyboard tray extends outward for you to choose the most comfortable position for you.

The rising and lowering of the desk is controlled by gas to allow smooth adjustment. If you don’t like the idea of having gas in it, you could choose the previous one as it’s powered by electricity.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Gas to lower/raise it
  • Hole to mount screens or deal with cables
  • Extendable keyboard

19. Mount-It! Desk (Gas Spring Arm)

Mount-It! Desk Gas Spring Arm
View on Amazon

It comes with a dual monitor mount that is capable of holding 2 monitors on top of the main desk space.

The base is wide so it won’t fall off where you place it as long as it’s flat. The actual mechanism that holds the monitors in place is fairly simple to use.

It has a quick connect and a quick release feature. Just be sure not to accidentally use the quick release by not paying attention. It says that it’s meant to be also for sitting but it doesn’t seem to that good of a sitting desk but it makes a great standing desk.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Monitor mount
  • Base made for stability

20. Mount-It! (Electric Powered) 

best electric powered standing desk Mount-It! review
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Its adjustability feature is electric powered and you can control it by pushing a button on the side of the desk.

Near the button there’s also a charging port meant for your phone or tablet. Despite it being electric powered, it doesn’t give out the noise you would think it would give off.

It stays relatively quiet while adjusting to your desired position. It has a somewhat tablet holder, meaning that there’s a small gap that could fit a tablet in case you want an extra screen to look at. It’s smaller than the other ones I’ve listed but it’s still good for someone that doesn’t need that big of a working space.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Quiet electric powered adjustment
  • Tablet slot
  • USB charging port

21. Pyle Computer Workstation (Quick Release)

Pyle Computer Workstation Quick Release
View on Amazon

The first thing that I have to point out about this one is that the keyboard tray seems to be larger than the others ones.

This is good if you have a big keyboard or if you want to be able to have multiple items on this section.

It has a little barrier at the end of the tray to keep whatever is on there from falling off. However the opening behind it is not completely covered. Although it doesn’t come with the phone holder opening, it’s a good enough tabletop to have in an office.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Large lower deck
  • Good size for office

22. VARIDESK (Portable) – Best Portable Standing Desk In 2021

best portable standing desk VARIDESK review
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Well this one is a lot different from the previous ones. It looks different and it doesn’t really have all the nice add ons or features to it. It only has 1 section, a place for your laptop.

This is perfect if you just want it for your laptop but it would be hard to have a monitor and a keyboard on it.

It only fits a decent sized laptop and a mouse. It’s long but definitely not as wide as most of the ones I’ve listed. It can be portable because of its size. It also folds to make it very thin and easily transportable.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Portable because of thin fold
  • Great for laptop users
  • Not as wide as most

23. Versitall Computer Workstation (Spring System)

Versitall Computer Workstation Spring System
View on Amazon

The lower deck is very long. It’s where the keyboard and mouse goes. It’s plenty of space to also fit some other stuff on it.

There’s also a place where you could hold your tablet on the desk. That’s of course if you like multitasking. As with every other desk on here, it’s fully adjustable and it can be placed on a sturdy table or desk to work on.

There is only one bad thing that isn’t a big problem but it could be annoying. The keyboard section is a little bit longer than the actual desk itself. The desk is still a good size but the lower section is longer, but not wider.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Long lower section
  • Tablet holder

24. Eureka Ergonomic (Stand/Sit)

Eureka Ergonomic Stand Sit
View on Amazon

This model has a cool keyboard section because of it’s design. The section is big enough to hold a good sized keyboard, in case you have a big keyboard or if you want to hold multiple items on there.

It supports a monitor holder that could be placed at the end of the desk in the middle. The size of it is great for office purposes.

It was built to be stable due to its structure. It adjusts nice and easy with its gas springs which is a plus.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Stable adjustment with gas springs
  • Designed for durability

25. AmazonBasics Sit-Stand Desk (Desk Converter) – Smallest Standing Desk In 2021  

AmazonBasics Sit-Stand Desk Converter
View on Amazon

You can’t go wrong with AmazonBasics. It’s by Amazon which means it’s probably good. It’s not the best one the list which is why it’s where it is. However it still deserves it’s placed in here since it would still bee good for some uses.

You could place it onto a desk and instantly convert it into a standing desk. The space on this is not that big, probably only big enough for a laptop. Or for taking notes if that’s your thing. I say this because it would be pretty hard to not lose it when your keyboard keeps hitting the monitor due to you accidentally pushing it.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Decent size
  • Good for taking it wherever you go
  • It folds so you could use it for sitting

26. Stand Steady FlexPro Precision Precision Desk Converter with Hydraulic Lift Assist (Sit or Stand)

FlexPro Precision Desk Converter
View on Amazon

You have to get the keyboard and mouse separately of course. It also comes with a mattress meant to aid you when you’re standing. Since standing can take a toll on you.

Another cool thing is that the desk itself caves in and the lower section is easy to access without having to bend your hands and go out of an ergonomically correct position. Aside from that, the desk stands securely on a flat surface due to the fact that the base covers a wide space.

It’s a good desk converter overall. You can easily switch between sitting and standing just like the rest of them. The air pump is used to raise the desk.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Easy switching between sitting and standing
  • Air pump for ease of raising or lowering the converter

27. Fancierstudio (Desk Riser)

Fancierstudio Desk Riser
View on Amazon

This desk has a big base that will keep it from falling off. It’s very wide so it covers a large area but it’s so you don’t have to worry about it falling.

It can still fall but it has a lesser chance of it falling. It has a very neat white design to it which makes it stand out from most desks.

The keyboard section caves in so you don’t have to worry about it being uncomfortable like a straight desk. The lower section is a great size for someone that wants to put a lot of stuff on it, although I don’t recommend doing so.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Wide base to prevent it from tilting or falling
  • Fully adjustable

28. Defy Desk (Gas Spring) – Best Gas Spring Desk Riser In 2021 

ergonomic Defy Desk Gas Spring
View on Amazon

Not a fan of AmazonBasics? This is a great alternative to it.

It’s almost the same but it does have some differences. It has a gas pump to help adjust it to your level. The gas pump is to the side of it and it’s simple to use. It has great stability because the base of it covers a lot of the surface you place it on.

It’s good for laptop users and it could still work for people who like to have a big monitor on their desk. The only problem would be that there’s not that much space to place a keyboard and all the necessary office supplies.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Gas pump
  • Small working area

29. Seville Classics AIRLIFT XL (Portable/Mobile Desk Cart)

least best standing desk 2018 Seville Classics AIRLIFT XL review
View on Amazon

Another small. sort of minimalist type desk. It’s adjustable and you could move it around the house with it’s wheels.

The top surface isn’t that big but it’s big enough to hold the averaged sized laptop. That being said this one doesn’t seem like it would be good to use it in the office or anything but rather in your house when you’re walking around doing stuff.

The wheels make it very enjoyable if your hole house is made of hard flooring because then you could take it anywhere.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Small, good for laptops
  • Wheels
  • Take it around your house while working

30. Seville Classics (Portable Desk Cart) – Best Portable Desk Cart In 2021 

best portable desk cart Seville Classics review
View on Amazon

Want a portable standing desks that you can move around your house?

This one is perfect for that because it has wheels and it’s nice and small. It’s meant for laptops and the way it works is you place your laptop on the desk and adjust it to what fit what you want.

The height of it can be adjusted and the way your laptop will be tilted can be adjusted. There’s 2 barriers that keep the laptop from sliding forward and a separate smaller section for a mouse. However the laptop can fall off the sides if it’s not properly managed and adjusted.

          Buy from Amazon          

Special Features

  • Take it around your house
  • Tilt and adjust it
  • Barriers to keep it steady

I wrote another article about the best bladeless Dyson fans. The article includes air purifiers, fans, and heaters/coolers.

There’s also another article of mine about the best flashlights in 2021. Check it out because it’s good to have a flashlight near your desk.

More Information About Adjustable and Ergonomic Standing Desks

Why should I get a standing desk when could just sit and do my work? This is a good question, considering it seems easier to just sit down and work. I’m not a medical advisor but I can say some stuff. The truth is when you’re sitting down you’re usually not moving around. Which in turn means there’s not that much blood flow being brought throughout your whole body. Your muscles are also not being used that much.

All of which are not good for your health. With a standing desk, you’re forced to move around a little here and then which takes away most of the problems.

Another reason to get a standing desk is that it makes you more productive. Ever been sitting around trying to figure out a problem and you’ve spent hours trying to figure it out but just couldn’t do it? And once you stand up and walk around a little you suddenly realize the solution. That’s because there’s not that much blood being circulated when you’re sitting down and once you get up it makes your mind and body more active.

So those are a couple of reasons why but there’s more. When you’re sitting down sometimes you tend to relax rather than do what you’re supposed to be doing. When you’re standing, however, you tend to be more focused and engaged rather than falling asleep or relaxing.

It also helps your back to stand. Assuming you don’t slouch when you’re standing, standing desks could help with back and neck problems. When you’re using a standing desk your back is typically aligned perfectly and your neck is probably looking straight.

As long as you are still moving your body a little while stand and stretching your neck, you should be fine.

If you want to read more about the benefits of standing desks check out this article at healthline about their benefits. They cover a variety of medical topics including this one. According to Healthline, standing lowers your risk of weight gain and obesity. Which is what standing desks force you to do.

In summary, Healthline talks about how standing desks or desk converters can lower your risk for health issues and diseases, like obesity. They also talk about how they might play a role in reducing back pain, ironically.

It can help improve your mood or how you feel that day in general too. You might not be as groggy or have as much brain fog since your blood is flowing. Read more about this on Healthline.

Cons of Standing Desks in 2021

Although there are a lot of benefits to owning a standing desk, there are some cons as well. Let’s face it, you might get tired after a while of standing and need a break.

If you have an adjustable desk converter than this won’t be a problem because you can easily switch to sitting mode. However, you won’t be able to do that if the desk is not adjustable.

Another con for some people is that it can be weird being the only one in the office that uses a standing desk while everyone is sitting. You’ll probably get some stares at first but it’ll wear off or you just won’t care over time.

A con that people don’t think of that often is the fact that your feet might get tired or strain over time. This can be solved by getting a bundle pack that comes with a matt for your feet so that they don’t get all sore. Or you can just buy one off of Amazon or something.

Of course, though let’s not forget about the main reason why an ergonomic standing desk is great. It’s good for your health. As long as it’s ergonomic.

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