4 Best Smart Home Devices 2021 (Alexa Compatible)

Best Smart Home Devices 2021 (Alexa Compatible)

Keeping your home clean or warm can be very mundane.

So why not automate the process with robot vacuum cleaners, smart thermostats, smart sprinkler controllers, and smart doorbells? 

Not only do these devices maintain your house for you with sometimes just a click of a button, but they are Alexa compatible which means you’ll be able to control them only by using your voice.

I’ve already made posts talking about these smart home devices in 2021. I’ll link to them throughout the article.

Now on with the best smart home products in 2021…

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Device NameTouchscreenWiFiCheck price
1. iRobot Roomba 980
(Robot Vacuum)
NoNo Price
2. Rachio 16 Zone 2nd Generation 980
(Smart Sprinkler Controller)
NoYes Price
3. Nest Learning 3rd Generation
(Smart Thermostat)
Yes Price
4. Ring Video Doorbell Pro
(Smart Video Doorbell)
Yes Price

Best Smart Home Devices 2021

1. Alexa Compatible iRobot Roomba 980 (Best one for home cleaning In 2021)

best smart home device irobot roomba 980 review
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The number one product is a robot vacuum cleaner. Specifically iRobot Roomba version 980.

These vacuums that are about the size of a large dinner plate navigate around your house using GPS technology to map out the area.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry operating one of these things is actually pretty simple. Just press the giant 1-inch clean button and it will get right to cleaning.

However, if you’re feeling really lazy you can tell your friend Alexa to activate it. Simply say “Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning.” The device will get right to it.

You can find out more commands you can tell Alexa to tell your robot over at homesupport.irobot.com. They have a list of commands you can use.

The Roomba is superior to other robotic vacuums because of it’s features and benefits.

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Features and Benefits

  • Self Charges – No more having to plug your vacuum into an outlet because Roomba will go right to it’s charging deck as soon as the battery is low.
  • HEPA Filter – iRobot has a filter that won’t let allergens, dust, or other harmful particles fly up into the air.
  • Scheduling Option – Schedule what days of the week and times of the day you want Roomba 980 to vacuum with ease. (No tech skills required!)
  • Anti Hair Tangle Feature – The cleaning system is designed to minimize hair being tangled and messing with the robot vacuum.

Best Smart Home Device That Is Echo Show Compatible

2. Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Great For Home Security In 2021) 

smart home Ring Video Doorbell Pro product review
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Doorbells are helpful. Cameras help with home security. So why not put them both together and call it a smart video doorbell? Makes sense.

Smart video doorbells do exactly what they sound like they do. They take videos and act as a doorbell at the same time.

Ring includes a chime if you decide that you also want it along with the Ring Pro.

In 2021 home security and home improvement are both important. People are wanting to protect their homes more than ever. These video doorbells got you covered.

Just install it wherever your doorbell is now and it will start recording once you set it up right. You’ll be able to see who’s at the door without having to even open it.

You are able to receive alerts, see who’s at the door, and much more by connecting the Ring Video Doorbell Pro to the WiFi and then your phone.

After you do so, you’ll be able to monitor who has been at your front door or who is currently there wherever you are as long as you have WiFi.

On with the features and benefits for the best doorbell in 2021.

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Features and Benefits

  • Echo Show Compatible – You will be able to see who’s at your door with Echo Show. This way you can set it up by you to know if you need to answer the door or not.
  • Weather Resistant – What’s the point of having one of these if the rain will destroy it?
  • Motion detection – It uses motion detection to detect if someone is at your door.
  • Night Vision – Day, Night, or whatever this smart home device will allow you to see who’s at the door.
  • 2 Way Communication – Talk to the person at the door by speaking through your phone or Echo Show. You can hear them and see them and they can only hear you.

3.  Rachio 16 Zone 2nd Generation (Best Smart Home Device For Outside Irrigation in 2021) 

smart home gadget Rachio 16 Zone second generation review
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Watering your grass can not only be time-consuming but also a waste of water.

This is because some of us forget to turn off the water or even worse we decide to turn on the sprinklers during the day because we forgot to do it in the morning.

The Rachio 16 Zone 2nd Generation is the best smart product for saving water and time. You can use their app to schedule when you would like Rachio to water the lawn and it will do it.

Meaning Rachio can connect to the WiFi which allows it to check the local weather. This is a unique feature because it allows the device to decide whether or not it should water.

If the smart sprinkler controller sees that it’s going to rain during the day, then it won’t water. Which will save you water and money in the long run because you won’t have to spend as much on the water bills.

Did I forget to mention that it’s Alexa compatible. Just ask Alexa to tell Rachio the smart irrigation controller to water the lawn and it will. No need to manually do it using the app.

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Features and Benefits

  • Alexa Compatible – Who doesn’t like this feature? No need to open the app.
  • Schedule It – Schedule when you would like the irrigation controller to water. No need to manually tell it what to do every day.
  • Control It Anywhere – As long as you’re connected to WiFi and have the app. You can turn off scheduling if for whatever reason you want it to not water while you are on vacation.

4. Nest Learning 3rd Generation (Simplest Smart Thermostat In 2021)

nest learning third generation simpliest thermostat
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Thermostats are one of the many necessities of a smart home and a regular home. However, for a smart home, you’ll want a smarter thermostat than normal houses typically have.

The Nest Learning third generation is one of the best ones you can find in 2021. The reason being is that it is so simple and easy to use. All you do is twist and it adjusts the temperature as it goes.

Sure it doesn’t have as many features as the other ones have but what else do you use a thermostat for aside from adjusting the temperature?

The Nest Learning smart home device is called that because it learns what temperature you typically like it at. It will learn this after some time using it. Eventually, it can learn what temperature you like it set to when you come home from work.

It has the Energy Star mark because it is energy efficient. It’s said that these can save you money in the long run because they are more efficient than the older thermostats.

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Features and Benefits

  • Change The Temperature Anywhere – Nest Learning connects to the WiFi and can then connect to your smartphone or tablet so you can remotely control it.
  • Alexa + Google Home Compatible – Control it with Alexa and Google Home. Tell the voice-controlled speaker what to set the temperature to.
  • Easy To Use – No need to have knowledge in “computer stuff” to use it. Just twist it and the temperature will increase or decrease.

Those were the 4 best Alexa compatible smart home devices to have in 2021. Make sure you visit the seller’s page to learn more and to see the dangers or cautious disclaimers.

You can learn more about home automation over on Wikipedia. They have an article about it but do not go as far as to show you the best ones.

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